Zoom, a video and audio chat app, has a market share of around 14% is just next to G-Suite which sits comfortably at the top of the table. However, with zoom adding simple, straight-forward, and user-friendly features in recent times, its user base has increased exponentially and the growth is still very much evident.

That being said, Zoom still has some default settings that might annoy a large section of users. One such setting is ‘Mirror my video’, which is enabled by default. Most of the other apps in the segment too have this feature. It’s similar to seeing yourself in a mirror where everything looks inverted, you, the background, any picture/text that you have in the background. However, the person on the other end does not see the mirrored video, rather they see the way it’s supposed to be viewed.

Still, many users are not very comfortable with the concept of the mirrored video and want to see it the way it is. Zoom offers to option to disable the setting and we will discuss the same in the coming sections. Also, since users are active both on the desktop version and mobile app, we will discuss both under separate headings so that you can disable the setting at both places.

How to Remove Mirror Effect on Zoom Desktop App

To invert your camera on Zoom, open the desktop app and then click on the ‘Settings’ icon near the top-right corner of the screen.

In the ‘Settings’ screen, you will find various tabs on the left and the corresponding settings on the right when you select a specific tab. Since we want to change the mirrored video settings, head to the ‘Video’ tab on the left.

Next, untick the checkbox before ‘Mirror my video’ under ‘My Video’ settings.

Once the setting is disabled, you will not find a tick on the checkbox. Also, the video will not be mirrored anymore when you are in a meeting.

How to Remove Mirror Effect on Zoom Mobile App

A lot of user prefer using the mobile version of Zoom since it almost has the same set of the features as the web version but can be accessed from anywhere which is not the case with the former. Therefore, it becomes necessary for us to discuss the process for the mobile app as well.

When you open the mobile app, you will see four sections at the bottom. Tap on the ‘Settings’ icon at the extreme right-icon corner to change the video settings.

In the ‘Settings’ screen, you will find various meeting-related and app-related settings. To change the mirrored video setting, tap on ‘Meetings’, the first option.

Next, locate the ‘Mirror my video’ option and tap on the toggle next to it to disable the setting.

Once the setting is disabled, the color of the toggle will change from green to white.

You now have a perfect video viewing experience and can easily read the text in your background and the things wouldn’t be inverted anymore. From now on, you would see your video as it is being viewed by others in a meeting.