Windows native Calculator app is fully loaded. Along with a basic arithmetic calculator, you get access to Scientific, Programmer, Date calculator. Moreover, it also has a Graph plotter, as well as a Currency, Volume, and Length converter.

Since Calculator is an app that you will most probably use in tandem with another app to either calculate or convert values, constantly switching back and forth between apps to enter values becomes annoying and frustrating.

In earlier iterations of Windows, you would have had to use a third-party tool in order to keep the Calculator window always on top, however in the current iteration that is not the case anymore.

Fortunately, in Windows 11 the Calculator app natively supports Always on top functionality that enables the Calculator app to be always visible and accessible. This feature completely eradicates the need to switch apps to just calculate or refer to a value using the Calculator app providing great ease of convenience.

Use the ‘Keep on Top’ Button or a Keyboard Shortcut to Keep Calculator Always on Top

There is no elaborate process, no tweaking of settings or files of any sort. Just launch the Calculator app, click a button or press some keys together on your keyboard, and the Calculator app will now always stay on top until you decide otherwise. It is that simple.

First, head to the Start Menu and launch the Calculator app either from the ‘Pinned apps’ section or by searching for it.

Once the Calculator window is visible on your screen, click on the ‘Keep on top’ button present right beside the ‘Standard’ label to pin the window always on top. Alternatively, you can also press the Alt+Up Arrow keys together to achieve the same result.

Note: You can only keep the Calculator app always on top when the ‘Standard’ mode is selected.

To revert the Calculator window to its usual behavior, click on the ‘Keep on top’ button again. You can also press the Alt+Up Arrow keys together to do so.

Notice the change in the user interface of the Calculator app when in ‘Keep on top’ mode.

There you go folks, pinning the Calculator window always on top is that simple on Windows 11.