Google introduced the Meet capabilities in Gmail on Web some time back making it easier for users to join meetings on Google Meet seeing the soar in usage these past few months. Web users can join or start a meeting straight from their Gmail account without having to go through an extra step. Now, Google is also bringing Meet capabilities in the Gmail mobile app too.

Google Meet in the Gmail App

A dedicated Meet tab is on its way to the Gmail app for both iOS and Android devices. What does it mean for the Meet app? Nothing. Google Meet mobile app is going nowhere. The sole purpose of introducing a Meet tab in the Gmail app is to improve accessibility.

We check our emails multiple times a day and even receive most of the invite links through email. The Meet tab in Gmail means cutting through the need to switch apps to start or join a meeting when you are already using one app. It’s like getting the best of both worlds in a single place. The feature will roll out in upcoming weeks for G Suite users.

What if I Don’t Want Meet in Gmail?

Some people like their interface minimalistic and might not want this invasion when they have a separate app for the purpose. Don’t worry, you don’t have to use Google Meet in Gmail if you don’t want to. Although the Meet tab in Gmail will be automatically on when the feature rolls out, you can turn it off from the settings.

To remove Google Meet from Gmail, access your account settings in the Gmail app and disable the ‘Show the Meet tab for video calling’ option to hide the Meet tab from the main screen of the app.

First, open the Gmail app and tap on the ‘Menu’ icon on the top-left corner of the screen (on the search bar).

Then, at the bottom of the menu options, tap on ‘Settings’.

Now select the ‘account’ for which you want to disable Google Meet tab in the app.

Finally, on your account settings screen, find the ‘Meet’ section and uncheck the checkbox next to ‘Show the Meet tab for video calling’ option.

Gmail app will no longer show the Google Meet tab in the app for your Google account.

The upcoming weeks will see a change in the Gmail app for both Android and iOS users. But it doesn’t have to be a permanent change. The looming addition of Google Meet to the Gmail app is completely optional and the users who don’t want it can easily disable it in a couple of taps.