The Journal app on the iPhone offers a convenient way to engage in journaling, allowing you to capture your thoughts, memories, and ideas. While the app provides journaling suggestions for inspiration, there might be instances when you might prefer to explore your own topics or ideas.

You can turn off Journaling Suggestions entirely, but not everyone might want that, either. Fortunately, there is a middle ground for such folks. You can easily skip journaling suggestions while creating a journal entry, empowering you to follow your creative instincts or feelings instead of relying entirely on your iPhone to do that job.

To skip Journaling Suggestions, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Then, scroll down and tap the option for the 'Journal' app.
  1. Next, turn on the toggle for 'Skip Journaling Suggestions' under the 'New Entry' section.
  1. Now, when you tap on the '+' button in the Journal app to create a new entry, the Journaling Suggestions screen won't appear.
  1. Instead, you'd directly reach the journal entry page. You can still include the Moments that Journaling Suggestions come up with in your journal entry. Tap the 'Pen' icon from the five options present above the keyboard on the journal entry screen.
  1. The Journaling Suggestions screen will open, where you can explore your personalized suggestions as well as writing prompts from the Journal app in the Recommended and Recent tabs.

While Journaling Suggestions can prove to be valuable in getting insights on moments you might want to include in your journal entries, it's perfectly reasonable not to want to get bombarded with them every time you want to write something. With this option, you can control when you want to explore your own thoughts and feelings and when you want your iPhone to have a say in it.