Twitch is innately set to run each time you log into your computer. This default setting can be really useful to streamers and people who use Twitch every day. But, it can be unnecessary and borderline annoying to inactive or irregular Twitch users.

The feature to automatically run Twitch upon starting your computer is to help get into the groove of the app instantly and well, without manual launching. However, not everyone requires this type of automated setting as it could be hanging the system, slowing down the startup time for necessary apps, or it is simply an inconvenience.

Whatever the reason, these methods should surely help stop Twitch from auto-running at system startup.

Method 1: Disable ‘Run Twitch on Startup’ Setting in Twitch App

Launch Twitch on your desktop and click the user profile button to the top right corner of the screen.

Click on the ‘Settings’ option found towards the end of the drop-down menu.

The first ‘Settings’ tab you land on is the ‘General’ tab. Stay on this tab and navigate the ‘Run Twitch on Startup’ option under ‘Preferences’. Click the toggle next to this option to turn the purple toggle button to black and white. Thus disabling the setting.

Twitch is now disabled from automatically starting at Startup.

To enable running Twitch on startup on the app, go back to the same ‘Preferences’ settings. Click the toggle next to ‘Run Twitch on Startup’ to turn it back to a purple toggle with a ‘tick’ mark. This suggests the setting is back on and Twitch will automatically launch when you log in.

Method 2: Disable Twitch from Startup Apps in Windows Settings

Launch the ‘Settings’ app on your computer by holding Windows and I on your keyboard. You can also click the ‘Windows’ or ‘Start’ button on the taskbar and select ‘Settings’ from the ‘Pinned’ items.

If ‘Settings’ is not pinned, you can manually search for the app. To begin, click the ‘Search’ button on your taskbar.

Type ‘Settings’ in the search field at the top of the ‘Search’ box. Select the appropriate search result on the left. Or click the ‘Open’ button in the app options on the right.

You can also right-click on the ‘Start’ (windows) icon on the taskbar and select ‘Settings’ from the menu.

Once your reach the ‘Settings’ app page, click the ‘Apps’ option on the left list of options. Scroll through to the end of the ‘Apps’ settings page on the right and click the ‘Startup’ tile.

Navigate to the ‘Twitch’ option in the ‘Startup Apps’ list, and click the toggle button next to it. Ensure the toggle is outlined and not filled. An outlined toggle suggests disabling auto-startup for Twitch.

Twitch is now disabled from launching at startup.

Method 3: Quickly Disable Twitch from Automatically Starting using the Task Manager

Launch Task Manager on your computer by holding Ctrl + Shift + Esc. Or right-click on the Windows (Start) button on the taskbar and select ‘Task Manager’ from the pop-up menu.

You can also search for the task manager. Click the ‘Search’ button (magnifying glass icon) on the taskbar.

Then, type ‘Task Manager’ in the ‘Search’ field. Select the right option from the search results or click the ‘Open’ button in the ‘Task Manager’ app options on the right.

Once Task Manager is open, click the ‘Startup’ tab on the ribbon. Locate ‘Twitch’ in the list of startup apps and tap to highlight the app. Now, click the ‘Disable’ button to the far right bottom corner of the screen. You could also double-finger tap on ‘Twitch’ and select ‘Disable’ from the context menu.

Twitch is now disabled from launching at startup. To enable, click the app’s name and then the ‘Enable’ button in the same place as the ‘Disable’ button. Or double-finger tap on Twitch and select ‘Enable’.

Method 4: Remove Twitch App from Startup Programs Folder in Windows

The startup folder on your Windows computer contains all the shortcuts to apps and programs that are set to run automatically at startup. You can disable auto-starting Twitch by deleting its shortcut here.

First, open ‘Run’ by pressing the Windows and R on your keyboard. Then, enter shell:startup in the ‘Open’ text field. Click ‘OK’ or hit Enter.

You will redirect to the startup folder instantly. Here, navigate ‘Twitch’ and click on it to highlight the ribbon icons. Click on the trashcan icon; the ‘Delete’ button in the ribbon. You can also double-finger tap on ‘Twitch’ and click the same icon on the menu’s ribbon.

Twitch will now be configured to quit launching at startup and will require you to manually launch the app.

These are all the ways you can stop Twitch from auto-launching at Startup. Hope you found our guide useful!