How to Change Presence Status on Twitch

Manually set a status presence and protect your actual activity on Twitch.

Twitch chat

How to Pause Chat on Twitch

Pause the stream chat movement and take a whole moment to read/respond to texts.

Twitch Logo

How to Disable/Enable Sharing Activity on Twitch

Turn the ‘Share my activity’ feature ON or OFF in seconds.

Twitch App Computer

How to Exit Twitch on Desktop

In-app and PC settings that can successfully end Twitch, anytime.

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How to Enable Mature Content on Twitch

Stream responsibly. Give your audience a heads up before they begin watching your stream if it has mature content.

Multiple Users

How to Create Multiple Twitch Accounts

Say hello to the new way of creating multiple accounts – with the same email ID or phone number.

Secret Password and Key

How to Find and Reset Your Twitch Stream Key

Here’s how you can get your hands on your most classified credential on Twitch and protect it at all costs!

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How to Earn and Use Channel Points on Twitch

Maximize your channel points with these methods and use them in the best way possible!


How to Enable/Disable Dark Mode on Twitch

Enjoy dark mode/theme on your Twitch mobile and desktop applications in seconds!

Twitch App Computer

How to Stop Twitch From Opening at Startup on a Windows PC

Quickly and effectively prevent Twitch from auto-launching in 4 ways.

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How to Disable Clip Creation on Twitch

Protect your streams against unauthorized clip creation.

Twitch Chat

How to Enable Followers-Only Chat on Twitch

Make your chat space healthy and safe with improved security measures.

Whisper Message

How to Whisper on Twitch

Dial down to a private conversation by whispering on Twitch!


How to Create a Clip on Twitch

Instantly create clips of your favorite live streams on Twitch.


How to Raid on Twitch

Indulge in an act of online generosity by raiding a channel on Twitch.