Google Docs, being one of the most used word processors in recent times, is used for several types of content. If your document includes a formula or equation, you may need to use superscript.

With superscript, you can write smaller text above the normal text line. For instance, you are writing an equation that involves the square or cube of a number, here you will require a superscript to mention it.

Doing a superscript is quick and easy. Let’s see how to superscript in Google Docs.

Using Superscript in Google Docs

You can do a superscript, either by typing the text, and then selecting the option, or select the superscript option initially and then type the text.

To format a text to superscript, highlight the text and then click on ‘Format’ at the top.

In the Format menu, place the cursor on ‘Text’ and then select ‘Superscript’ from the options.

The highlighted text will now be in superscript.

Instead of changing the text format, you can also type in superscript. Place the text cursor at the required position in the document and select the superscript option, as discussed above. The text cursor will move to the superscript position, and you can start typing.

Many users prefer the keyboard shortcuts over the conventional methods since it’s quick and hassle-free. Google Docs allows you to do a superscript using keyboard shortcuts.

To do a superscript using keyboard shortcuts, highlight the text.

Press CTRL + . to change the format to superscript.

You can revert the changes using the keyboard shortcuts or from the format menu as well. Highlight the text you don’t want as superscript and select ‘Superscript’ from the Format menu or press CTRL + ., and superscript text will be back in the normal text line.

With the knowledge of superscript in Google Docs, doing documents with the most intricate equations or formulae won’t be as difficult as it used to be.