How to take a screenshot on iPhone XS

By removing the home button from iPhone Apple changed a lot of things. If you’ve never used an iPhone X before, the chances are you might b able to figure out how to take a screenshot on iPhone XS now that the home button has gone.

Well, it’s as easy it has always been with the home button. Only now you have to use the Power button and the Volume Up button combo to take a screenshot on iPhone XS.

Taking a screenshot on iPhone XS

Press and release the Volume Up + Side (Power) button together for a split second to take a screenshot. Don’t hold the buttons. Only click and release the two buttons together and your iPhone XS will take a screenshot.

Tap on the preview window that appears in the bottom left side after you take a screenshot to edit it. Select the brush styles to draw or tap the + button to add your signature, text box, and shapes to the screenshot. When you’re done with the edits, tap ‘Done’ on the top-left corner and select ‘Save to Photos’.

To view your screenshot, open the Photos app and scroll down to the bottom. You’ll find your recent screenshots there.