Read receipts can be quite annoying. Be it an organizational setting or a personal one, having read receipts on is an avoidable dread. Read receipts are available on Microsoft Teams too, and here’s how you can turn them off. But first, make sure you have downloaded the Microsoft Teams app on your desktop.

What Are Read Receipts

Read receipts are a messaging feature where the other person can see if and when you’ve read their text. Thus, multiplying uncomfortable consequences if you delay in your reply. Besides, you could also see if the other person has received your messages and the time at which they’ve opened them as well.

How to Turn Off Read Receipts in Teams

First, open your Microsoft Teams app and click on the user account button (your profile picture) on the top-most left corner of the screen. In the drop-down box, select ‘Settings’.

On the Settings window, choose the ‘Privacy’ option from the left panel. Then, scan through the list of privacy settings to find ‘Read receipts’ option. Turn off the toggle button next to ‘Read Receipts’ option to disable the feature in chats on Teams. The result ought to be a grey toggle and not a colored one.

Congratulations! You can now read messages and reply to them at your own leisure. Ensure to prioritize your replies to received messages, though. And you’re good to go.