As far as AI models are concerned, most people have heard of ChatGPT, Gemini, or both. However, another extremely capable AI model that is quickly becoming popular is Claude AI developed by Anthropic. It can provide responses to prompts, look up information, and perform other tasks.

How to Use Claude AI
Learn all about Claude AI from Anthropic - the rival to ChatGPT.

More importantly, you can use Claude AI with Google applications like Google Sheets and Docs. In Sheets, Claude AI can help you get responses to prompts, recalculate cell data, and even set up assistant and user messages. You must use the Claude API to use Claude AI in Google Sheets, though. Let's see how you can use this AI model in Google Sheets.

Generating a Claude API Key

To use the Claude for Sheets extension, you need a developer API key from Anthropic. Even if you have a user account for Claude, you'll need to sign up separately for Claude API.

  1. Visit Anthropic's website through this link and sign up with your email address or login using your Google account.
  1. When you enter your email address, Claude AI will send a verification code to your email address. You need to enter the code and details, like your name, and confirm that you are at least 18 years of age to proceed.
  1. On the next page, the website will ask you to provide details about your organization. Enter them and click on 'Create Account'.
  1. You can start using Claude AI from the next page, but to use it with Google Sheets, click on the 'Get API Keys' button.
  1. Next, click on the 'Create Key' button, which will show you a pop-up where you can enter a name that describes the key.
  1. After you have entered a name for the key, such as 'Claude For Sheets', click on the 'Create Key' button.
  1. A notification will appear indicating your API key has been successfully added. Copy the key and save it since you will not be able to view it again.
Note: API keys are similar to passwords and are only effective if they are stored securely. That is why it is strongly recommended to avoid sharing your API key publicly.
  1. You will need a few credits or a paid plan to use Claude AI with Google Sheets. Fortunately, you can claim $5 in free credits from the website or get a paid plan by clicking on the 'Upgrade' button.

Installing the Claude for Sheets Extension

To use Claude AI in Google Sheets, you will need the Claude For Sheets Extension.

  1. Go to Google Sheets and click on the 'Extensions' menu at the top.
  1. Go to the 'Add-Ons' option and click 'Get Add-Ons' from the sub-menu.
  1. In the Extensions search box, search for the 'Claude For Sheets' extension and click on the extension when it appears.
  1. Next, click on the 'Install' button to add the extension to Google Sheets.
Note: You will need to grant access to your Google account to use the extension. Keep in mind that Google will share the required details with Claude AI when you grant access.
  1. Once you grant permission, you will see a notification that the Claude For Sheets extension has been successfully added.
  1. Now, you can access the extension by going to the Extensions menu. Before you can start using it, though, you will need to enter the API key you created earlier. After clicking on the 'Claude For Sheets' option, go to the 'Enter Your Anthropic API Key'.
  1. In the pop-up that appears, paste your API key and click on the 'OK' button.
  1. Once you add the API key, you will see a message notifying you the key has been saved successfully. The Claude For Sheets extension will also become visible on the right side.

Now, you can use Claude AI in Google Sheets.

Note: While the Claude For Sheets extension is free, it works through your Anthropic API key. So, any API calls that the extension makes will be charged at the normal pricing depending on your Anthropic plan. So, be careful when sharing sheets with the add-on.

Sharing Sheets with Claude for Sheets Extension Added

If you share sheets with the Claude For Sheets add-on enabled with others in the Google Workspace organization, they can use its functions without installing the extension. While they will not be able to view your API key, the extension can still make API calls using it. And the API calls will be charged to your account.

However, if they try to use the Claude For Sheets menu, it will ask them to install the add-on first. Similarly, if you share a sheet with the extension enabled with people who are not a part of the organization, they can access its functions but will not see the Claude For Sheets menu until they install the add-on.

Using Claude AI

There are several ways by which you can use Claude AI in Google Sheets. The simplest way is to use CLAUDE(). With CLAUDE(), you can enter a prompt in simple text and ask the AI model to perform a specific function.

Looking Up Information

Claude AI can help you find information quickly through CLAUDE() in the following manner. Type =CLAUDE followed by your prompt within quotation marks " and curved brackets ().

  1. For instance, to ask Claude about the capital of the Netherlands, enter =CLAUDE("what is the capital of the Netherlands?") in any cell or the formula bar.
  2. When you press the 'Enter' key, the AI model will provide you with the required information.

Recalculating Cells

Claude can help you recalculate cells into different categories, including 'Error', 'Deferred', or 'Throttled'. The Claude for Sheets extension lets you do that easily.

  1. On a sheet with some data, select a few cells for which you want to perform the recalculation.
  1. You will find the Claude For Sheets extension on the right side. Click on the 'Recalculate' button, and you will see a few options.
  1. The extension lets you perform recalculations for the entire sheet or only selected cells. Click on the 'Deferred/Throttled/#Error: Cells' option to perform the recalculation.
  2. Claude AI will recalculate the cells selected or the sheet as you choose and provide the output.

Sending User and Assistant Messages

Another way of using Claude AI with Google Sheets is through CLAUDEMESSAGES(). This lets you send User and Assistant messages to Claude using the shortcut CMD + Enter on Mac and Alt + Enter on Windows.

  1. Use =CLAUDEMESSAGES in the following manner: =CLAUDEMESSAGES("User: In one sentence, what is good about the color blue? Assistant: The color blue is great because")
  1. Press the 'Enter' key on Windows or the 'Return' key on Mac to get the output.
  1. It is also possible to use CLAUDEMESSAGES() with a system prompt by setting a model name. To do so, enter a prompt like =CLAUDEMESSAGES("User: Got anything to say to me? Assistant:", "claude-2.0", "system", "You are a cow who loves to moo in response to any and all user queries.").
  1. Press 'Return' on Mac or 'Enter' on Windows and Claude AI will perform the required action.

Claude AI is an extremely useful AI model that can be integrated with Google Sheets, enhancing its capabilities so you can perform more tasks easily. You can use it with prompts, as with other AI models, and also ask it to perform actions like cell recalculation. While you get a few free credits to try Claude AI out, we recommend getting a paid plan to get the most out of the AI model.