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How to Use People Chips in Google Sheets

Insert People Chips in Google Sheets to tag a person inside a cell to view their contact information and to connect with them in a jiffy.

Sheets Formula

How to Use Formula Suggestions in Google Sheets

Use new Formula Suggestions feature to auto-complete formulas in Google Sheets by typing the “=” sign in the cell.


How to Find Duplicates Between Two Columns In Google Sheets

You can find and highlight the duplicate entries between two columns using the Conditional Formatting feature in Google Sheets.

Wrap text

How to Wrap Text In Google Sheets

Learn how to wrap text in Google Sheets to show all of the cell’s contents in a single cell by adjusting the height of the cell.

Sheets Formula

How to Use SUMIF in Google Sheets

This tutorial provides a detailed demonstration of how to use SUMIF and SUMIFS functions in Google Sheets with formulas and examples.

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How to Convert an Excel File to Google Sheets

You can convert Excel files to Google Sheets by importing an Excel file, by opening it in Google Drive, or while uploading to Google Drive.

Pie Chart

How to Create a Pie Chart in Google Sheets

This tutorial covers everything about creating, editing, customizing, downloading, and publishing a Pie Chart in Google Sheets.

Table list

How to Insert a Drop Down Menu in Google Sheets

You can create a Drop-Down List in Google Sheets using the list of items in a range of cells or by manually entering the items.

Spreadsheet Table Cells

How to Hide and Unhide Rows or Columns in Google Sheets

Sometimes, you don’t want to show some sensitive or irrelevant data on your worksheet. For example, if you share or…


How to Set Print Area in Google Sheets

In Google Sheets, you can set the print area to print everything in the workbook, the current sheet, or selected cells.


How to Total a Column in Google Sheets using SUM Function

In Google Sheets, you can sum or add numbers, cells, ranges, columns, or rows using the built-in SUM function.

Gantt Chart

How to Make a Gant Chart in Google Sheets

Google Sheets doesn’t provide an in-built Gantt chart type, but you can create a Gantt chart by customizing the Stacked Bar chart.

Google Sheets

How to Create a Sidebar in Google Sheets

A sidebar is a user interface element (a small vertical area) that appears either to the left or the right…

Search sheet

How to Search in All Sheets in Google Sheets

Google sheets is a great alternative spreadsheet application to the heavyweight Microsoft Excel. It is a free, cloud-based application whereas…

Spreadsheet Table Cells

How to Highlight Duplicate Data in Google Sheets

Easily highlight (even remove) duplicate data in a Google Sheet using Conditional Formatting.

Spreadsheet Table Cells

How to Make Google Sheet Cells Bigger

Enlarge the size of the cells in Google Sheets so that the data appear clear and easily accessible within few simple steps.

Google Forms

How to Link a Google Form to a Google Sheet

Access your responses from Google Forms in a systematic manner by linking the Google Form to Google Sheet.

Google Sheet Lock

How to Lock a Google Sheet

Learn how to lock a particular data range or an entire Google Sheet from being edited by anyone who has read/write access to it.

Speadsheet Freeze Row and Column

How to Freeze a Column and Row in Google Sheets

Effortlessly track data in your spreadsheet by freezing important rows and columns

Google Sheet Spreadsheet

How to Import Data from One Google Sheet to Another

Using the IMPORTRANGE function

Link Google Sheet with Google Doc

How to Insert Google Sheet in Google Doc

An effective way to present data


How to Add Hyperlinks in Google Sheets

Insert, delete and manage hyperlinks in Google Sheets