Google Sheets

Spreadsheet Table Cells

How to Make Google Sheet Cells Bigger

Enlarge the size of the cells in Google Sheets so that the data appear clear and easily accessible within few simple steps.

Google Forms

How to Link a Google Form to a Google Sheet

Access your responses from Google Forms in a systematic manner by linking the Google Form to Google Sheet.

Google Sheet Lock

How to Lock a Google Sheet

Learn how to lock a particular data range or an entire Google Sheet from being edited by anyone who has read/write access to it.

Speadsheet Freeze Row and Column

How to Freeze a Column and Row in Google Sheets

Effortlessly track data in your spreadsheet by freezing important rows and columns

Google Sheet Spreadsheet

How to Import Data from One Google Sheet to Another

Using the IMPORTRANGE function

Link Google Sheet with Google Doc

How to Insert Google Sheet in Google Doc

An effective way to present data


How to Add Hyperlinks in Google Sheets

Insert, delete and manage hyperlinks in Google Sheets