Google recently updated its Google One paid plan and announced the One AI Premium Plan. This plan gives you access to Gemini Advanced and also lets you use the search giant's Gemini AI in other Google applications, such as Docs, Gmail, Sheets, and more.

With the power of Gemini, you can write documents, draft emails, and do many other things just by using prompts in natural language. In this guide, we'll be taking a look at how you can use Gemini in Google Docs to create, edit, and even proofread documents.

To use Gemini, you will need to be signed into your Google account with an active Google One AI Premium Plan subscription. These features are also available for Google Workspace users.

Note: Google Workspace users also have access to additional options when using Gemini in Google Docs, such as creating images and summarizing files, but these are not available for regular users.

Creating A Document Using Gemini

You can use Gemini to write content in a blank document or in an existing document.

  1. Head to Google Docs in your computer browser to start working on a new document or edit an existing one; the feature is currently only available on the desktop.
  2. Select the document you want to work on by clicking on it. You will see a pop-up informing you about the available AI features for the first time. Click 'Next' to dismiss it.
  1. Once you've dismissed the pop-up, you will see your document along with a few suggestions, including a 'Help Me Write' button.
  1. To get started with Gemini in the document, click the 'Help Me Write' button to activate the AI tool.
  1. It will expand into a text box with suggestions. Here you can enter prompts and ask Gemini to help you out. Either type your prompt or press the Tab key to load the suggestion.
  1. Type in a prompt, like write a how-to guide for operating a lawn mower , and press the Enter key or click the 'Create' button.
  1. Gemini will generate the content.
  1. To edit and improve the content, scroll down to the bottom of the text generated. You will see a 'Refine' button.
  1. When you click the 'Refine' button, you will see multiple options for editing the text. For example, you can shorten, expand, or summarise, the content written by Gemini or even give it a custom prompt to make edits. You can also click 'Retry' to generate a new draft.
  1. To edit the prompt, click on it from the Gemini window.
  1. Then, make the changes and click the 'Update' button. Gemini will generate new content based on the changes.
  1. Click the 'Insert' button to enter the content from Gemini to your Google Doc, where you can edit it if you want. Or click 'X' to close the Gemini window.

Similarly, it is possible to use Gemini to create documents, emails, letters, and more.

Using Gemini To Refine Your Document

Gemini can not only create content for you from scratch, but you can also use it to rewrite existing content using the 'Refine' option. To do that, open any Google Docs document that you want to improve.

  1. Once it is open, select the text that you want to edit so it is highlighted, and you will see the Gemini button on its left; click on it.
  1. You will see options like 'Tone', 'Summarise', 'Bulletise', and others that can help you improve the selected text.
  1. When you click the 'Tone' option, it will let you adjust the tone of the highlighted text between formal and casual.
  1. The 'Summarise' option will provide a summary of the text.
  1. With the 'Bulletise' option, you can convert the text you select into a bulleted list.
  1. The 'Elaborate' and 'Shorten' options can be used to expand or condense the document as needed, while the 'Rephrase' option can provide a different variant.
  2. There will also be a custom option below the 'Rephrase' option, where you can enter custom prompts.
  1. For instance, typing in make it a poem will convert the text into a poem.
  1. When you're done refining the text generated by Gemini, click the 'Insert' button on the lower right to add it to the document.

Editing A Document With Gemini

Apart from creating a document in Google Docs, Gemini can help you edit and improve previously existing documents with the power of AI. Here's how you can do so.

  1. Open the document you want to edit in Google Docs. You will see a 'Proofreading Suggestions Available' option in the upper right section; click on it.
  1. The proofreading panel will appear on the right. It will offer suggestions on improving your grammar, wording, and other aspects of the document.
  1. To use a suggestion, simply click on it from the panel. The highlighted pieces of text in the document will be replaced by the word or phrase suggested by Gemini.
  1. Gemini also lets you filter the different suggestions it offers, like spelling, grammar, wording, and other errors. Click the 'Filter Suggestions' button in the proofread panel to do so. Then, select/ unselect the suggestions you want from Gemini.
  1. It is also possible to change the proofreading settings and customize the changes that Gemini can make to the document for all your documents.

    To do that, click the 'Tools' option, and then move your cursor to the 'Proofread' option.
  1. In the 'Proofread' section, click the 'Proofread Settings' button.
  1. Here you will find several options, like spelling, grammar, wording, etc. Click the checkbox to select the options you want Gemini to consider while proofreading and then on the 'OK' button. Conversely, uncheck the options you do not want Gemini to change.

With Gemini, creating and editing documents in Google Docs is extremely easy. You can not only create new documents but also edit existing ones to make your documents better. It can help detect errors and even enhance the text, ensuring your document reads well, conveys what is needed precisely, and makes the right impression.