Any active WhatsApp user would know that the platform is no longer a place only for informal communication with people you know and are in your contacts list. WhatsApp is now an official business platform, where different people and professionals connect. The app also has its exclusive business branch!

With the commercialization of WhatsApp, many times we need to communicate with people outside our contacts. There’s not always the time to save the contact, and frankly, many times, we don’t want to save a stranger’s number! Saving the number just to send a WhatsApp message and quickly delete the contact is a hassle in itself.

This guide is here to quit the circus and make messaging an unsaved contact easy! Read on to know how you can text an unsaved number on WhatsApp smoothly and quickly!

WhatsApp links are the popular method while texting an unsaved contact number. These links direct a user to a new WhatsApp chat from the browser. Without a downloaded desktop WhatsApp application, the user can also start a chat on WhatsApp web. This method works on any device that can open a browser and it is the same on all devices.

To use the link method while WhatsApp messaging an unsaved contact, first open your browser and type country code+the contact number) in the address bar. Make sure there is no space in the entry.

You could also type or copy-paste the following and add the country code followed by the contact number after the ‘=’ (equal to sign) – Both links are valid. In fact, the first link ( redirects to the API link.

On Desktop

If you have the WhatsApp application installed on your computer, the link on the browser will pop up with a prompt to open the chat in the app. You can continue the chat only in the app. Hit the ‘Open’ button in the prompt to proceed.

You could also enable the option to ‘Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app’ by clicking the tiny box in front of the option to tick it.

A new chat with the unsaved contact next opens on your WhatsApp desktop app.

If you don’t have the WhatsApp desktop application installed, you have the option to continue chatting on WhatsApp web or download the app and continue. Enter any of the mentioned links with the contact number in the browser, and hit the ‘Continue to chat’ button on the webpage, below ‘Chat on WhatsApp with’.

You will see two options on the following screen. Hit the ‘Download’ button if you want to download the app and then proceed to text the unsaved number on the app. If not, proceed with ‘use WhatsApp Web’. You can now message the unsaved contact on WhatsApp web.

On Mobile

WhatsApp users generally have the application installed on their phones. Hence, the link to text an unknown contact can only prompt the user to the application. However, if you don’t have the app installed on your phone, you would simply need to download it as WhatsApp web doesn’t always work on mobile devices.

Type the mentioned link in your phone’s browser and hit the ‘Continue to chat’ button. If you haven’t downloaded WhatsApp, tap the ‘Download’ button below it. Or you could also tap the hamburger icon (three vertical lines) to the top left of the app’s ribbon and select ‘Download’ from the following menu as well.

You will land on a new WhatsApp chat with the unsaved number.

Sending WhatsApp Messages to an Unsaved Contact using an App

An alternative to texting unknown numbers is using an app that is designed for this very purpose. This is the ideal option if you need to regularly message new people. Apps help save time and ease the process of messaging new contacts. An advantage is that neither you nor your device would need to remember a link, the app does that for you.

The only setback is that these are mobile applications. So, you can message unsaved contacts only on your phone. You cannot connect the same app to your desktop or any other device that is incompatible with the application.

Click to Chat app by developer TrianguloY is a reliable Android application for sending WhatsApp messages without saving the person’s number. For iPhone users, we suggest using Dialer for the same purpose.

Click to Chat is an independent application – neither owned nor endorsed by WhatsApp. It is a very small application that aims to stay that way. The app contains no permissions except a ‘create shortcut’ permission. It is an ad-free and free-to-use application with no costs or purchases. Users can use this application for personal and business purposes.


  • Send messages to unsaved numbers
  • Craft the message on the app before sending it
  • Send and view links
  • View recent contact numbers
  • Pin unsaved contact numbers
  • Translate the app to available languages on the application that match with the languages on your device
  • Create shortcuts for unsaved numbers

Using Click to Chat App to Send WhatsApp Messages to Anyone

First, head to Google PlayStore. Type ‘Click to Chat’ in the search field and select the first search result if you see a list. If not, simply tap the ‘Install’ button on the app’s page that opens directly.

Once downloading and installation is complete, tap the ‘Open’ button on the same app page on PlayStore or head to your phone’s home screen or app list to find and open Click to Chat.

You will notice that the app does not open in a separate space, instead, it opens right on your phone’s home screen! Enter the country code of the number you will be messaging in the ‘+Pref’ section followed by the contact number in the ‘Number’ section.

If you’re not sure of the country code or prefix, tap the ‘Country’ button in green above the ‘Pref and Number’ section.

Scroll through the upcoming list to choose the country code or type the name of the country in the ‘Search bar’ at the bottom of the box and then choose your country prefix.

Once you’ve entered the prefix and the phone number, tap ‘Open’ in green to open the number in a new chat on WhatsApp.

You can now start typing in your message on the new WhatsApp chat screen.

However, if you want to type in the message while typing in the number itself, tap the downward-facing arrowhead next to the ‘Open’ button.

Type in your message in the space that says ‘Message that will be autocompleted, NOT sent’, below the phone number.

The message will only be auto-typed in the textbox of the chat screen. You still need to tap the ‘Send’ button on the WhatsApp conversation to send the message.

Use previous messages. Click to chat keeps a record of the messages you have previously typed into the app’s dialogue box. If you want to have a look at the previous messages or use a text from the list, first tap the downward-facing arrowhead to open the message section.

Now, tap the ‘i’ button next to the ‘Message’ text field to see your previously typed messages. If you want to use a message from this list, simply tap to choose a message and auto-fill it in the text field – the ‘Message that will be autocompleted, NOT sent’ field.

Sharing a contact with or without a message. You can type in an unsaved number on Click to Chat with or without a message, and directly share the link to the chat on any platform.

Tap the downward-facing arrowhead to open the ‘Share’ option after entering the contact number.

Select ‘Share’ on the app’s dialogue box.

The next thing you see is an ‘Attention’ prompt. Read through the prompt’s message and once you’re sure, tap the ‘Share’ button.

You will now see a sharing screen with the same link mentioned at the start of the guide. Choose your sharing medium or copy the link by tapping the ‘Copy’ button, to further paste it in on any sharing platform.

If you’re sharing just the contact number, then the link will contain only the number. But if you’re sharing it with a message, then the message will also be included in the link.

The receiver will now be able to text the unsaved number with or without the message you added for them.

Creating a shortcut. Click to chat also provides a great feature to create shortcuts for important unsaved numbers. Here’s how you go about it.

Make sure you’ve entered the correct country code and phone number of the person. Then, tap the downward arrowhead to see more options.

Now, select the ‘Shortcut’ option in the drop-down.

An ‘Add to Home screen’ dialog box appears next. Here, you can either tap and drag the shortcut icon from the box to your home screen or you can tap the ‘Add Automatically’ option to add the shortcut directly to your home screen.

The unsaved contact shortcut will appear on your home screen. One way to identify a shortcut is that the caption would have the contact number and the icon will have a smaller Click to Chat icon on it.

Translation. Click to chat is an app that is primarily in English. But that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with that! You can always translate the app and use it in a language available on your phone.

You cannot access languages that aren’t on your device and/or languages that aren’t included in the app’s translation feature. This is to reduce the size of the Click to chat application.

To translate the app, tap the spanner button to the top right of the app’s dialog box.

On the upcoming screen, tap the ‘English’ button in green to open a language list.

Next, tap to choose the language you’d like to translate the app in. The app will restart on its own – in the language of your choice. Currently, Click to chat does not support any more than 15 languages. All languages are individually added by volunteers.

If you wish to volunteer to add a language or know more about it, go back to the app’s home screen and tap the ‘i’ button to the top right corner of the box, next to the spanner button.

Scroll to the bottom of the following screen and tap the ‘Translate’ button in green – post the credits.

View recent contact numbers. To view all the numbers you recently contacts or entered, tap the ‘calender with three bullet points’ icon just below the ‘i’ button.

You will now see your recent contacts. If you want to pin a particular number, long tap on the ‘target’ icon next to the respective number. When you pin a number, you can also enter the name of the person for reference in the ‘name’ field.

To close the pinned list, tap each pinned number’s ‘target’ icons until the pinned list is closed. To open the pinned list for a particular number, tap the ‘target’ icon of the respective number.

Paste a contact. There’s no button to copy a number you enter in the app’s dialogue box, but you can paste a number copied from elsewhere in the Click to chat interface.

Once you copy a number from any source, the ‘Paste’ button (notepad icon) becomes clickable. To paste the copied number, simply tap this button. You will not only paste the number but also instantly open a new chat with the unsaved number on WhatsApp.

Erase a contact. To quickly erase the ‘Number’ field in the app’s box to enter another or more new contacts, tap the ‘Undo’ button with the left-facing reverse arrow icon. The field will quickly turn blank and you can enter a new number.

Delete a contact. To remove a phone number from your Click to chat list, first, open the list using the same method as discussed above. Then, tap the ‘X’ button next to the respective number to remove it from the list.

And that’s it! This is how you can message unsaved numbers on WhatsApp. There are more applications available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for this purpose, but we vouch for the legitimacy of the apps mentioned in this guide.

Hope you found our guide useful in understanding how you can WhatsApp message an unknown contact number with and without an application!