iPhone X not charging or stuck at 80% battery? Here’s how to fix it

A lot of users have been complaining about their iPhone X not charging past 80% battery capacity. Users seem to think that their phone has a faulty battery and it’s stuck at 80%. But it’s actually a software feature of your iPhone X to extend the lifespan of the battery.

It’s pretty common for your iPhone X to get warmer during charging, however, when it gets too warm, the software on the phone limits the charging capacity of the battery to 80 percent. This ensures the safety of the battery as well as the device’ internal hardware. When your phone’s temperature comes back to normal, it resumes charging.

How to fix iPhone X not charging beyond 80% battery

When your iPhone X is not charging or has stuck at 80% battery, chances are most likely that it’s getting hot.

  1. Unplug your iPhone X from the charging cable.
  2. Turn it off, if possible, or just restart and keep idle for 15-20 minutes or until the phone’s temperature comes back to normal.
  3. When the temperature drops, connect your iPhone X to the charging cable again. It should charge to 100 percent now.

If this keeps happening on your iPhone, you might wanna look into other causes of your phone’s overheating problem.

Tip: Whenever you find your iPhone overheating for no apparent reason, restart it immediately. This will stop whatever service/activity is causing your iPhone to overheat.