Every year Apple releases new wallpapers with the new iPhone and a new iOS version. We’ll already seen one of the new iOS 12 wallpaper from the Beta releases. But the official iOS 12 update begins rolling out in the third week of September 2018, and you’ll be getting a whole lot of new wallpapers with the new software.

The iPhone XS will also ship with a bunch of new wallpapers. We’ll be posting all iPhone XS wallpapers here as and when the firmware for iPhone XS is available to download.

One of the new wallpapers in iPhone XS has already been leaked images in teaser images of the device. The new wallpaper shows a half of a planet’s surface over a deep black space.

Apple has created many such beautiful wallpapers for iPhone and iPad devices through the years. Check them out at the Google Photos album linked below:

All official iOS wallpapers album