Microsoft’s AI-based news app Hummingbird has received its first feature update since launch in December last year. The update adds support for Dark Mode, AdBlock Plus, and an Article reporting feature to let users report problematic and offensive content on the app.

The Dark mode and AdBlock Plus features can be enabled from the app’s Settings after you have installed the update (version 1.3) on your iPhone. To use the Article reporting feature, tap the three-dots “…” on a feed card and select Report.

Below’s the full update changelog from the App Store:

– Dark mode: Now you can enjoy dark mode for your favorite app – just go to Settings ->Dark mode and set toggle to the right.
– Adblock Plus: You can block unwanted ads quickly. Go to Settings -> Content blockers to turn on AdBlock Plus
– Article reporting: Easily report problematic or offensive content and source by tapping on the “…” in each feed card

Microsoft Hummingbird is currently only available in the US. You can download it on your iPhone for free from the App Store.

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