How to Use ChatGPT on Android

Accessing ChatGPT on your Android device is easy – all you need is a web browser and you’ll be talking to the chatbot in no time!

How to View Saved Passwords in Chrome on Android Phones

Easily view, access, edit, delete, and export saved passwords through Google Chrome on Android.

Web App

How to Add a Website to Your Home Screen on iPhone and Android

Quickly access any website from your Home screen, regardless of whether or not there’s an app for it.

Message Like

How to Enable iPhone Reactions in Messages on Android

You can now see iMessage reactions in a much better way on your Android device thanks to Google Messages app.

Text Message

How to Get iMessage on Android and Windows using AirMessage Server

Get iMessage on your Android or Windows device easily with the help of the AirMessage server.

iPhone app

How to Install Wordle as an App on your iPhone or Android Device

Install Wordle as an app on your phone and avoid the hassle of opening the website in a web browser every time you wish to play.


What is Spotify Blend and How to Use it

What’s music if not a journey of learning from each other? Blend your music on Spotify now!


How to Set a Sleep Timer on Spotify For Android

Set the appropriate music timer to get some good night’s sleep on Spotify

Mobile video call

Can You Do a FaceTime Call from Android to iPhone?

You can join FaceTime calls from an Android phone. But when it comes to starting them, Android users are still on the outs.


How to Hide Apps on your Samsung Android Devices

Hide the apps from the eyes of prying people on your Android smartphone in a jiffy.

Computer and mobile sync

How to Connect and Sync an Android Phone to a Windows 11 PC using ‘Your Phone’ app

Link your phone to your Windows PC and effortlessly manage basic phone tasks right from your computer.


How to Make Chrome Private (Incognito) by Default on Android and iPhone

Protect your digital privacy by making chrome a privacy-first browser on your Android and iOS devices.

Canva Logo

How to Cancel Canva Subscription

Easily cancel your Canva Pro subscription if it isn’t your cup of tea anymore

Video Conferencing

How to Use Google Meet Filters, Masks, and Effects

Add a little bit of fun to your calls with Google Meet’s latest additions

Mobile video call

How to Use FaceTime on Android

Hurray! Android users can now join a FaceTime call using a FaceTime link shared by an iPhone user.

Undo update

How to Uninstall Updates on Android

If you don’t like an app update, you can just undo it.


How to Add Google Widget on iPhone and Android

Add this widget to make your Google searches more efficient.

Wifi Password

How to Share Wi-Fi Password on iPhone and Android

Share long Wi-Fi passwords without any hassle across devices.