How to Create and Send a FaceTime Link to Android Users

Use FaceTime Links to share FaceTime calls with non-Apple users.

Mobile video call

Can You Do a FaceTime Call from Android to iPhone?

You can join FaceTime calls from an Android phone. But when it comes to starting them, Android users are still on the outs.

Health Data

How to Share Health Data and Notifications with Others on iPhone

Easily share health data and alerts with your loved ones, caregiver, or a doctor.


How to Play Background Sounds on iPhone like Rain, Stream, and More

There’s no more need for third-party apps to play ambient sounds on your iPhone.


How to Change Background in Safari Start Page on iPhone

Set any image as a custom background in Safari on your iPhone.

Address Bar

How to Show Safari Search Bar at Top on iPhone running iOS 15

Annoyed by the new search/ address bar location in Safari running iOS 15? Here’s how to put it back to top.

FaceTime SharePlay

SharePlay is Not Working in iOS 15 Yet, You Need to Wait Until Year End

If you hopped on some FaceTime calls to use this feature, you’re in for some disappointment.

Focus Mode

How to Use Focus Mode on your iPhone

The new Focus mode will be a gamechanger in how you use your iPhone, or rather, not use it when you’re busy.

Apple iPhone

How to Update iPhone

Not sure of the best way to update your iPhone? Learn all the ways to do it and decide for yourself which one is the most convenient for you.

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How to Save Multiple Photos from a Webpage in Safari at One Go on your iPhone

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How to Quickly go to App Library on iPhone Home Screen

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How to Fix Incorrect WiFi Password Error on iPhone

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How to Turn Off iMessage Notifications on Mac

Easy ways to turn off or manage iMessage notifications on your Mac so you can work better and bump up your productivity.

Shuffleboard Game

How to Play Shuffleboard in iMessage on iPhone

Learn how to play Shuffleboard on iMessage and experience the nostalgia and fun digitally.

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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to a Windows 11 PC

With multiple ways to transfer your photos from iPhone to Windows 11, the whole ordeal is a quite flexible one.


How to Truly Hide a Photo on Your iPhone

Looking to truly and completely hide your photos from someone snooping around? Use this hack to prevent this blatant invasion of privacy!


How to Fix AirPods Connection Issues on iPhone

Apple’s AirPods are one of the best wireless earbuds in the market. But even with the best of the best…

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How to Play 8 Ball Pool on iMessage

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Mobile Video Call Conference

How to Set a Video Background in Google Meet on iPhone

Google Meet just introduced fun video backgrounds to the iOS Meet app.

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How to Fix it when iMessage is Not Working on iPhone

Get rid of this annoying problem in no time with these easy fixes

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How to Download and Use iTunes on Windows 11

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iPhone Sync

How to Connect and Sync your iPhone to a Windows 11 PC

Back up and sync all data on your iPhone, including pictures and videos, using iTunes on your Windows 11 PC.

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How to Make a Group Chat (GC) on iMessage

Create iMessage groups to make conversation easier