Mac keyboard shortcuts

How to Use a Windows Keyboard on Mac

Switching from Microsoft Windows to a macOS computer is challenging enough, and if you’re a person who uses keyboard shortcuts…

Web Browser Error

FIX: Microsoft Edge Error Code 6 (Can’t Open this Page) on Mac

Just restart your Mac

Search History

How to Clear Google Search History on Computer

Remove your Google searches from the address bar search suggestions in your web browser

macOS Notification Center Widgets

How to Add and Remove Widgets to Notification Center on Mac

For immediate updates on your fav apps

How to Create a Memoji on Your Mac

Add a little you into the Emoji

Edit Video Computer

How to Add Filters to a Video on Mac using Photos App

Filter out the emotion and add the one you love the most!

Voice Memos app

How to Create and Edit Voice Recordings on Mac

Record, edit and even remove background noise from your recordings with ease

Crop a Video

How to Crop a Video on Mac Using the Photos App

Crop videos with the same ease as cropping photos

Voice Recording Folder

How to Create Folders and Organize Recordings in the Voice Memos app on Mac

Don’t let your recordings go haywire. Put them in folders

New Reminders Features in macOS Big Sur Update You Should Know

Access the latest bits of advanced efficiency in Reminders app on your Mac

Message Effects

How to Use Message Effects in Messages on Mac

Previously iOS exclusive, now available on your Mac too!

GIF File

How to Send GIF in Messages on Mac Using #images

Now enjoy the GIF life on Mac too!

Dark Mode

How to Instantly Enable Dark Mode and Night Shift on macOS Big Sur

Soothe thy sight with these features

How to Disable Automatic Updates on a Mac Running macOS Big Sur

Choose the updates you want instead of letting your Mac update automatically

Web Browser Password Security

How to Import Passwords and Settings from Chrome to Safari on a Mac

For a smooth transition between the two

How to Pin a Conversation in Messages on Mac running Big Sur Update

Easy access to conversations you want to get to the most


How to Change or Set Background Image in Safari on macOS Big Sur

Choose a face for Safari on your Mac running macOS Big Sur


How to Pin System Control Items to Menu Bar on a Mac running macOS Big Sur

The ultimate controls go-to for any immediate changes

How to Download and Install macOS Big Sur

Welcome the Big Sur for a Big Sur-prise!

How to Search for a Word on Mac

Finding specific words in a large document or a web page is like finding a needle in a haystack. You…

Sign PDF Mac

How to Sign a PDF on Mac

Sign PDF documents without printing