How to Manually Refresh iMessage on Mac When it is Not Syncing

Two simple methods to manually refresh iMessage on your macOS device when it is not syncing properly with your other Apple devices.

Delete Chrome Mac

How to Uninstall Google Chrome on Mac

A simple, step-by-step guide to uninstall Google Chrome and its support files completely from your macOS device.

Microsoft Edge

How to Make Microsoft Edge Your Default Browser on Windows and Mac

Browser is a very essential utility, it helps you surf the net, login to your mail client, and even use…

Screen Record Mac

How to Use OBS Studio on Mac to Record Screen

Record your MacBook screen in a few simple steps using the OBS Studio.

Content Cache

How to Enable and Use Content Caching on Mac

Upgrade your Apple devices faster without using additional cellular data or bandwidth with the help of Content Caching on your MacBook.


How to Crop and Edit a Screenshot on Mac

Click, crop, and edit a screenshot quickly on your MacBook using the Preview app.

Computer User

How to Turn Off and Sign Out of Mac

All the ways to properly turn off your Macbook, Log out the current user, and Sign out of your Apple ID on your Mac.

Mac running Windows 11

How to Run Windows 11 on Mac (M1 and Intel)

Boot Camp not supporting Windows 11 installation? Learn how to run Windows 11 on your Intel or M1 Mac and enjoy the latest Windows builds on your Mac.

Notification Icon

How to Turn Off iMessage on Mac

Not able to get work done because of constant message notifications? Quickly turn off iMessage on your Mac to keep your productivity mode going.

HEIC File Format

How to Convert HEIC to JPG on Mac

3 built-in ways to convert HEIC images to JPG on your Mac

Mac keyboard shortcuts

How to Use a Windows Keyboard on Mac

Switching from Microsoft Windows to a macOS computer is challenging enough, and if you’re a person who uses keyboard shortcuts…

Web Browser Error

FIX: Microsoft Edge Error Code 6 (Can’t Open this Page) on Mac

Just restart your Mac

Search History

How to Clear Google Search History on Computer

Remove your Google searches from the address bar search suggestions in your web browser

macOS Notification Center Widgets

How to Add and Remove Widgets to Notification Center on Mac

For immediate updates on your fav apps

How to Create a Memoji on Your Mac

Add a little you into the Emoji

Edit Video Computer

How to Add Filters to a Video on Mac using Photos App

Filter out the emotion and add the one you love the most!

Voice Memos app

How to Create and Edit Voice Recordings on Mac

Record, edit and even remove background noise from your recordings with ease

Crop a Video

How to Crop a Video on Mac Using the Photos App

Crop videos with the same ease as cropping photos

Voice Recording Folder

How to Create Folders and Organize Recordings in the Voice Memos app on Mac

Don’t let your recordings go haywire. Put them in folders

New Reminders Features in macOS Big Sur Update You Should Know

Access the latest bits of advanced efficiency in Reminders app on your Mac

Message Effects

How to Use Message Effects in Messages on Mac

Previously iOS exclusive, now available on your Mac too!

GIF File

How to Send GIF in Messages on Mac Using #images

Now enjoy the GIF life on Mac too!

Dark Mode

How to Instantly Enable Dark Mode and Night Shift on macOS Big Sur

Soothe thy sight with these features

Computer Software Update

How to Disable Automatic Updates on a Mac Running macOS Big Sur

Choose the updates you want instead of letting your Mac update automatically