Clubhouse is one of the most popular social networking apps of 2021. Its userbase is increasing at an exponential rate with celebrities and entrepreneurs joining in large numbers as well. With many people in the room, constantly monitoring changes in other user’s display picture, the addition of moderator(s) or other things becomes intricate. Moreover, Clubhouse does not automatically refresh the room which makes it even more difficult.

PTR or Pull to Refresh is similar to refreshing the room which shows the current status. This acronym is common in Clubhouse, and you will hear it a lot in various rooms by both moderator(s) and speakers. This makes it very important to understand the term as well as how to do a PTR.

How to Pull to Refresh (PTR)

To PTR, just tap anywhere on the screen, hold and then drag downwards.

Once you see the refresh sign at the top, release the tap.

Once you refresh the room, all the changes since the last refresh will be visible. This is a great way of checking the change in display picture of the members.

Not that you know what PTR is and how to do it, you wouldn’t be clueless when you hear this term the next time.