The internet has revolutionised life in general. From entertainment to education, this technological blessing is now in full span even for earning income. Knowledge is a wonderful thing and when knowledge and the internet come together, it’s a celebration.

If you are holding onto that insane amount of skills and knowledge that you learned during college or school and you have no idea what to do with it, then guess what, you can start an online course and sell it too. Basically, all you self-made teachers and the actual teachers can have a monetary backup of having your own online courses.


Podia is a wholesome platform to sell your online courses. Here, you not only get to design your own professional websites and fill in content, but you can also share various documents related to your teaching space. You can either give away these bits of education for free or sell them. Podia also gives you the chance to build on your email list by helping you carry out efficient email marketing.

Besides, you can host webinars and even have live chats with your readers. Podia also allows e-teachers to have an array of membership plans for their consumers, thus building a much stronger consumer base. This site offers only paid plans; one is the ‘Mover plan’ and the other, the ‘Shaker plan’. However, you do get a 2-week free trial period before you decide your payment structure.


Teach:able is one of its own kind when it comes to being an online course seller. The site hosts a diverse collection of topics from baking to marketing, and even hand-lettering It’s non-tech friendly too, which means, Teach:able is easy to use for both the tech-savvies and the non.

Apart from surfacing the USP of your course/subject, you can also customize your own websites thus making them all the more conducive for your field of expertise. The payment plans are of three types, the $29, $99, and the $249 plan. Each of these plans offers access to unlimited students. In addition to that, there are a couple of exclusive features for each plan too.


Spayee is another secured platform to sell your online courses. Apart from creating courses in a variety of formats such as audio, video, assignments and PDFs, you could also conduct online quizzes and tests. Spayee also has a couple of ready-to-use templates that you could immediately integrate into your online course. If you want to upload material supporting your course, you could do that in bulk as well.

Prices here come in a monthly and yearly basis, which roughly is within a range of INR 3000 and INR 15000. You could try the site with a trial period too. One appeal about the yearly payment method is that you can gain a month’s free subscription if you opt for it. The number of attendees varies with every payment plan; basic, pro, and the business plans.


Learnworlds allows you to sell online courses by building engaging websites and filling them up with your expert content. In the entire process of creating your website, you can also build a brand of your own with a personal domain name and other essentials. Your online content would also find the right marketing tools to help gain visibility and of course, revenue.

You can also integrate many tools such as Google Analytics, Zapier, Freshdesk, and the like into the process of building your online course and functioning it. There are four broad payment plans, the ‘Starter’ plan for beginners, ‘Pro Trainer’ for professional trainers, the ‘Learning Centre’, and the ‘High Volume and Corporate’. Only for the first three plans have free trials.


The niche you’re focused on doesn’t matter on Udemy as long as you’re up for translating knowledge into a learnable source of education. The site has a vast collection of over ten thousand categories of online video courses ranging from business and designing to marketing and even music!

Udemy touches nearly half a billion students all over the world, and this site is also open to multi-lingual courses, which means, you can teach in various languages. Starting an online career with Udemy is quite relaxed as you would also be given free courses on how to build your course too.


Thinkific is another great place to either start from scratch or build an existing brand. This website provides one of the top platforms to effortlessly upload your courses in any format; audio, video, or even text. You can further support your content with multimedia, quizzes, surveys, and a few more engaging options.

Besides, you can also easily personalize your website even if you’re not a tech person. The price plans begin with a free trial run, where you can upload a maximum of 3 courses. Post which, you can jump to any paid plan; Basic, Pro, or Premier. The monthly payment is $49 for the Basic plan, $99 for the Pro plan, and $499 for the Premier plan.


Skillshare works at a slightly different wavelength. Once you’ve created your course, you will then be pushed to upstart your visibility on the ‘Skillshare Community’. This space is where millions of students arrive to take up various courses. Although making this stand in the community would take a while, you would have a steady consumer base from the start, not to worry.

Skillshare requires courses to be a fruitful combination of both videos and projects, like quizzes and online tests. You would also be backed with courses and other insightful programs to improvise your online courses. The premium Skillshare plan has a 2-week free trial period, after which, $16 would be the monthly payment and $96, the yearly plan.


WizIQ offers an extremely simplified virtual atmosphere to sell your online courses. Apart from building unique and visually appealing educative sites, this website allows course creators to upload various formatted content with much ease. If you’re thinking about the structuring part of your content, don’t worry, WizIQ would do that for you. Also, this platform is quite easy to access as its also available as an app on both Android and iOS.

WizIQ does not focus on a single style of learning, instead, they have a variety of learning formats such as live learning, microlearning, flipped learning, and self-paced learning. You can choose the format that fits your personal style. There are monthly payments beginning at $25, across three plans; Professional (for individual mentors), Enterprise (for colleges, universities, etc) and the Pay-per-use plan, where you would be pricing your consumers by the minute.


Ruzuku is yet another platform aiming to help non-tech-savvies and beginner course creators find their virtual stand. The site focuses on the teacher in you and does not push your tech buttons. Alongside creating engaging free courses in audio, video, text and other formats, you would also be building a ‘Ruzuku Tribe’ of your own.

There are both monthly and annual payment plans divided into three sections; the ‘Up-and-comer’ plan, the ‘University’ plan, and the ‘Bootstrapper’ plan. The payments across these plans would generally be higher for monthly plans as compared to the annual ones. You can begin building your courses with the 14-day free trials too.


Kajabi is a business building space, which makes it all the more efficient even for online courses. Also, it is another great place to begin creating your virtual courses as a fresher. Kajabi helps integrate business tools, email marketing, and many other digi products all in one place.

You can easily customise your online course website and also gain some real-time tracking options for each of your courses. Post the 2-week free trial period, you can jump onto any of the three plans; Basic, Growth and Pro. These are both monthly and yearly payment plan, however, you can receive a 20% off on the annual plan.


Teachery is one of the most budget-friendly platforms to sell your online courses. Absolutely no transaction fees. All you got to pay is the monthly/yearly plan amount, both of which have a 14-day free trial each. You could expand your unlimited courses to unlimited students, with no extra fees.

Beside further customizing your course templates, you can also enhance your site with Teachery’s course editor. You could also create custom domains. Almost all uploading formats are supported by this site; audio, video, presentations, etc. There are a month and an annual plan at the rate of $49 and $470 respectively. You also get to save 20% if you opt for the annual plan.

We hope this list was quite insightful to help you grow both in profession and financially. Anything is possible in the internet world today, and when anything is possible, you are possible too!