If you’ve got the iOS 13 beta profile installed on your iPhone. You’d find that your iPhone has the final and public build of iOS 13.4 already available to download and install on your iPhone software build 17E255. Go to Settings » General » Software Update section, you will see the following screen.

However, the update isn’t really rolling out yet. At least not for the public. It may seem like it’s iOS 13.4 final build but it’s essentially iOS 13.4 Beta 6 build. We would like to think of it as the iOS 13.4 GM release.

Officially, iOS 3.4 will most likely release alongside iPadOS 13.4 which Apple announced will be out on March 24th.

However, the final build of 13.4 that will release to non-beta users is still going to be this 17E255. If you’d like to get it now, head over to our iOS 13.4 Beta download page.