Say what? Measure distance by sound with your phone? Welcome to the 21st century where innovation and creativity are off the charts! Tech enthusiasts are going to love this one. Move over the AR rulers, sound rulers are here. Audio Ruler is an iPhone app that allows you to measure distance with the help of sound with up to 0.25 cm accuracy as claimed by the app’s developers. That’s a lot more accurate than traditional measuring apps and unlike an AR app, it also removes the constraint of good lighting conditions.

The basis of the app is an algorithm fueled by advanced math which is what also makes it so accurate. The process is also rather simple. You can measure the distance between any two points A and B using the sound from your phone.

It requires the use of your earphones and works with both wireless and regular ones. The working procedure is something like this: You align your phone with point A of the thing you want to measure, and then put the left earphone at the microphone of your iPhone and start the process. Once the initial calibration is complete, you move the left earphone to the point B of the object, wait for a few samples to play and calculate the distance.

And that’s all it takes. Quite simple and creative – a great combination. The app is available only for iPhone right now and you can buy it for only $3.99

Get the Audio Ruler for your iPhone and show off your wizardry to your friends and family. We know we will be. It might even come handy when you really need to measure something and no one has the right tools, i.e. no one other than you of course. What a great time to be alive from a technological point of view!