We’ve all had at least one embarrassing moment of forgetting to hang up on a call way after it’s over. And the aftermath? God forbid you ranted out about the call you were just on, thinking it was over and the other person was on call the whole time, listening to you. Pretty bad, isn’t it? Well, the good news for Mac users is that we have an app that would exclusively tell your absent-minded face that your mic is still on.

The MicCheck app could notify users if their mic is on or not. The primary function of this blessed app is to remind users to hang up on a call.

Once you download and launch this app on your Mac, there would be a tiny microphone icon displaying on the top menu bar. When the mic is off, a crossed-off mic button would be shown, and when it is on, a big, red, alert kind of a box stating ‘Microphone Active’ would be visible. This alert button would always be displayed at the top irrespective of how many apps are running. You could also customise the size of the MicCheck alert box and shift it to anywhere on the screen as well.

MicCheck works only with internal speakers or an external wired device (headphones, earplugs, external speakers etc.). It does not function for Bluetooth accessories or Airpods. Also, MicCheck does not record anything, it is just an app running in the background, equipped to tell you if your mic is still turned on after a meeting or a call has ended.