In an era where artificial intelligence is not just a buzzword but a practical tool enhancing our daily interactions, custom GPTs have taken the game to a whole other level.

GPTs are custom AI agents that can be created to handle specialized tasks and scenarios. Apart from creating your own GPTs, you can also share them with the world. And the world has already started sharing. While OpenAI plans to launch a GPT store in the coming weeks (or maybe even later now with all the chaos at the company presently), discovering GPTs from other users is hard at the present moment. But we've compiled a list for you. Note that this list only includes GPTs from external authors and not ChatGPT itself.

Note: Most of these GPTs use API calls to third-party services. So, while GPT creators cannot see any part of your chat, the third-party service is sent some information when you elect to use a GPT that uses them. You can see the information being sent, though.


1. EasyPromptGPT


This GPT helps with crafting perfect prompts every time so that you can use ChatGPT how you want to without getting limited by prompts.

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Prompts are the most important aspect when it comes to using any AI tool. The output you can coax out of an AI is only as good as the prompts you enter. But does that mean that everyone needs to train to become prompt engineers? While the thought might be inviting (considering how highly in-demand a profession it is right now), it's not very practical.

That's where this GPT comes in. It can turn your basic and simple queries into effective prompts that are tailored for ChatGPT-4.

2. 22,500+ Best Custom GPTs

22,500+ Best Custom GPTs

This Custom GPT is the only GPT you might need in your arsenal, as it can help you find literally any GPT if it's been made public.

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Currently, there's no other way to actually find all the GPTs that have been made public using a search engine, or a store (as the GPT Store from OpenAI is yet to go live) than this GPT.

It has access to all public GPTs, and it can help you find good ones in any category. For example, you can ask it to find a GPT that can help with SEO, blog writing, Facebook ads, etc., and it'll return a list of GPTs, with links, that can help you do that. As people are creating more and more GPTs, the number in the title for this GPT keeps growing (even as I have been writing this post), as it can access them all for you.

3. Calendar GPT

Calendar GPT

Prepare for your day with the help of AI

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Using Zapier Actions, Calendar GPT can connect to your calendar and help you prepare for your day. You can ask it questions about your schedule in English as if you're conversing with a personal assistant, and you'll get personalized responses. For instance, it can tell you how much free time you have on a particular day, what upcoming meetings you have (and even help you research for them), what appointments you have coming up, etc. You'll need to sign into your Zapier account to use it, though.

4. Notion Wizard

Notion Wizard

Chat with your Notion Data

Try Notion Wizard

With this GPT, you can chat with your Notion Data and get direct insights instead of manually searching through it to find the information you want. Based on your queries, it can find you the exact information you're looking for. The GPT cannot modify or store your data and only operates in a read-only capacity to protect the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

It'll even guide you on the process of creating a Notion Integration so you can connect it to the GPT and any other external applications easily.

5. Remote Job Finder

Remote Job Finder

Find remote jobs that match your query without wasting your time going through the criteria.

Try Remote Job Finder

This GPT goes through the job descriptions and returns results that match your query so you can dedicate your time to landing the right remote job instead of wasting time finding it.

6. Interview Coach

Interview Coach

Get a personal coach for preparing for interviews

Try Interview Coach

Bring productivity to the table even when handling a daunting task like preparing for interviews. Interview Coach uses your resume as the starting point so it can tailor the interview questions for the mock interview and the feedback around your skills and experience.

Image and Video Generation

1. Canva


Easily use Canva to generate designs, presentations, logos, etc. in ChatGPT

Try Canva

Canva and Zapier GPTs were the first ones to be launched, along with the GPTs from ChatGPT itself. But seeing that you cannot find it among the native GPT list on ChatGPT as it is made by an external author, it can be easy for users to miss this one. So, I felt like I had to include it on the list.

2. Logo Creator

Logo Creator

Create logos for anything within ChatGPT using this GPT

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Easily create logos for anything using the Logo Creator GPT. It can whip up playful, neutral, serious logos for any theme you request for. You can create logos for your business, website, blog, and just about anything in a matter of seconds.

3. VideoGPT By Veed

VideoGPT By Veed

Create videos for just about anything by telling this GPT a few details about your requirements.

Try VideoGPT By Veed

This GPT uses Veed to create stunning videos for you using AI. All you need to do is answer a few questions about the type of video you want to generate and then sit back as the AI does its work.

You can also edit the video generated by the AI in the Veed video editor, which is easy to use.

4. Photo Multiverse

Photo Multiverse

Transport your subjects to another setting

Try Photo Multiverse

This GPT is more for fun, but there should always be room for some fun in life, isn't there? You can upload any photo, and transport it to any other place, but the only twist? It renders the entire thing cartoonish, including the subject (it'll retain elements of it, though, while turning it into a cartoon), and doesn't change the background with the subject intact.

5. Character Forger

Character Forger

Create consistent characters for your work-in-progress

Try Character Forger

AI might be the best way to create characters for your current project or story. However, creating consistent characters with an AI can be hard. Character Forger can help with that. It can help you create different images for a single character without much input or effort from your side.

6. Thumbnail Sketcher

Thumbnail Sketcher

Generates thumbnails for your blogs.

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The great thing about GPTs is that they are special agents who can handle specific tasks with great ease, which makes it extremely easy to have a GPT that'll be an expert at handling that specific task. Like this Thumbnail Sketcher. While there are many image generators available out there, you'll need to prompt them first to get them to generate what you want. However, Thumbnail Sketcher is already programmed to do that.

7. DALLE3 with Parameters

DALLE3 with Parameters

Brings Midjourney Parameters to DALLE 3

Try DALLE3 with Parameters

With this GPT, DALLE 3 in ChatGPT adapts Midjourney parameters – one of the greatest things about the platform. You can choose the aspect ratio, stylization, seeds, weirdness, & more for your creations with DALLE 3 with this GPT.

Go ahead, try it. It has the potential to turn the flat generations from DALLE 3 into great pieces of AI art. Use the prompt !guide for the GPT to get instructions on how to use it.


1. Copywriter GPT

Copywriter GPT

Get help with viral copywriting strategies with this GPT

Try Copywriter GPT

If you're a copywriter who's looking for an assistant to help you come up with perfect strategies for a campaign or critique your existing campaign, this is the GPT for you.

2. OpenStorytelling Plus

OpenStorytelling Plus

AI assistant to help you on your quest for writing that story or screenplay

Try OpenStorytelling Plus

For all you writers and screenwriters out there, OpenStorytelling Plus is a great GPT to have in your arsenal. It can help you with ideation, outlining, and developing characters, scenes, and subtext for stories, books, and scripts.

Other than that, it can also guide you on your journey to polishing your craft with resources and advice.

3. Bloggy


It can help you write well-researched blog posts.

Try Blogy

With this automated blog post writer, you can get help with writing blogs that'll resonate with your audience. It can help you with suggestions for upcoming posts and write well-researched posts that follow your unique voice with minimal effort.


1. Web Creator Guide

Web Creator Guide

This GPT can help you through website creation, step-by-step.

Try Web Creator Guide

If you're looking for some help with website creation, Web Creator Guide can be, well, your perfect guide. To aid you in the process, it asks you the important questions you should know about your website. Then it helps you come up with a title, tagline, and even a logo for your website. It'll also help you come up with a domain and content for the website.

2. DesignerGPT


Creates and hosts website pages

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While all other GPTs for creating a website can only guide you with the steps involved and the content you can include on your website, DesginerGPT can whip up real, live pages of a website.

While you cannot directly edit the page, you can get its HTML code, make changes to it, and use it elsewhere if you happen to like what this GPT creates for you.

For Developers

1. Grimoire


Like the name it uses, it's like a powerful book of spells to supercharge your coding journey

Try Grimoire

One of the most popular external author GPTs, Grimoire is the only coding assistant you want in your life. It can help you with a gamut of tasks in a matter of seconds. From coding to creating a website, interactive projects, games, AI development, mobile development environment, and much more, Grimoire lives up to its name.

2. Design Feedback for Devs

Design Feedback for Devs

Gives feedback for UI/ UX/ Product Design

Try Design Feedback for Devs

You can upload your design and get feedback from the GPT about what needs to be improved, or how you can enhance it. But you need to upload your design to get started; the sole purpose of the GPT is to provide feedback and help you improve upon your existing design. If you're looking for a GPT that can guide you from the beginning, this ain't it.

3. API Docs

API Docs

Learn about OpenAI API and documentation

Try API Docs

This GPT has all the knowledge about OpenAI API, documentation, and cookbooks. If you want to learn how to use OpenAI API, it can help you learn that with ease.

4. Figma Coder

Figma Coder

Turns your Figma designs into Code

Try Figma Coder

Using this GPT, you can effortlessly turn your Figma designs into codes in whichever language you desire. All you need to do is provide it with the Figma URL and instruct it about the language you want the code in, and it'll get to work.

5. Code Companion

Code Companion

It'll help you write, test, and improve your code

Try Code Companion

Code Companion can help you debug your code, explain any assumptions you're making, make your code more efficient, explain algorithms to you, and much more. If you are looking to improve your coding (who isn't?), give this GPT a try.

Custom GPTs are becoming an incredibly useful tool for enhancing productivity and creativity across many domains. As more creators continue experimenting with GPTs, we can expect an ever-growing library of custom tools to assist us. But finding some good ones can be a headache. That's why we'll keep exploring and finding them for you.