Instagram is full of beautiful content that we find ourselves wanting to revisit. You may not be able to download posts on Instagram, but there is an option that lets you save posts to a private section of your profile for you to drool over later instead of taking screenshots. The posts you save are visible to no one else but you. And the person whose post you save will not be notified that you saved their post.

How to Save an Instagram Post

To save a post, all you have to do is tap the Bookmark button at the right corner below the post. And it will be saved to a private section in your profile.

Save posts to revisit them later.

You can view the saved posts/photos from your profile. To do so, go to your profile in Instagram app, then tap on the menu icon (three horizontally stacked lines).

In the menu, you will find the option Saved. Tap on it to view all the saved posts.

View your Saved Posts.

What is Instagram Collections and How to Manage them

The posts that you save on Instagram don’t have to be so chaotic. You can sort them into neat little piles known as Collections. Collections have a very Pinterest-Esque vibe in that they resemble private Pinterest boards.

Instagram Collections give you the ability to categorize your saved posts by topic, aesthetics, or any other classification you want to use to organize your posts. They are like your personal mood boards.

You can make a new Collection from the Saved Posts section of your profile. Go to Saved Posts and tap on the ‘+’ icon at the upper-right corner of the screen.

Organize your saved posts into a Collection in Instagram.

Name the Collection and tap on Next.

Add posts from your Saved Posts by selecting them and then tap Done.

To manage a collection, open the collection and tap on the ‘3 dots’ on the upper-right corner of the screen. You can rename it by selecting the ‘Edit Collection’ option, add posts to it, delete the collection, or delete certain posts from it by tapping on ‘Select’. Deleting the collection will not delete the posts from your ‘All Saved Posts’.

Manage your Collections.

You can also make a new collection or add posts to an existing one directly from your feed. Instead of just tapping the bookmark icon once to save a post, tap and hold the bookmark icon. A pop-up menu will open displaying all your existing collections.

Tap a collection to save the post to it. Or tap on the ‘+’ icon to make a new collection.

Add a post to a collection directly from your feed.

Give the new collection a name and you’re good to go.

Make a New Collection directly from your feed.