Microsoft Teams, a business communication platform, is one of the most popular in the segment. It offers a straightforward user interface coupled with multiple customization features.

With remote postings being the new normal, employees now rely on such platforms for internal communications. For instance, a new attendee may face trouble accustomed to a new platform with multiple tabs and sections. Teams took care of it like a pro with the simplest possible interface and customizing option.

Another common concern among Team users is that of the background. Not all users want to reveal the physical environment they work in. Like Zoom, Teams also offers background effects in video calls.

While some similar platforms allow users to set a video as a background, Microsoft Team is yet to introduce the feature. So if anyone asks you, no, you cannot use a video as a background in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Although you cannot set a video, you can still add an image as your background on Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft is working on Teams and is coming with frequent updates to outperform others in the market. They recently launched the Microsoft Viva platform which is also integrated into the Teams app and is a clear indication that Teams is Microsoft’s way forward. Therefore, it’s highly likely for Microsoft to come up with an update to add other popular features such as custom video backgrounds in a Teams meetings. Don’t get too excited though, nothing can be said for sure. Only time will tell.