Can’t find the ‘Updates’ section in the App Store after installing iOS 13 Beta? Well, it now lives in the Account menu of the Store. Apple has replaced the ‘Updates’ section in favor of ‘Arcade’ for giving users direct access to games in the App Store when the service launches later this year.

  1. Open App Store

    Open the App Store app on your iPhone.

  2. Tap your Profile picture

    Tap on your Profile picture in the top-right corner of the screen.
    App Store Profile Picture Account Menu

  3. Look for ‘Pending updates’ section

    Scroll down a bit and you can see all available app updates under the ‘Pending updates’ section.
    iPhone App store Pending updates

  4. Refresh updates list

    To refresh the updates list, scroll to the top of the Accounts page, then pull-down from the center of the screen until you see the spinning refresh icon at the top.
    Check for updates App Store

  5. Update all apps

    Tap the Update All button at the top of the Pending Updates section to update all apps at once.
    iPhone Update all apps App Store

    You can also tap the Update button for apps individually if you don’t wish to install all available updates.