Clubhouse is all about interaction with people from different walks of life. You can join one of the rooms going on, share ideas with people, or simply listen and learn.

The app has a certain set of guidelines for users to follow while interacting with one another. It is meant to maintain a certain decorum and to ensure that people in the room are comfortable. Furthermore, Clubhouse also offers the option to report an incident or block some altogether if they violate the guidelines or are disrespectful to you or anyone else.

💡 Things to Remember in a Clubhouse Room

There are certain things you should follow while being in a room in the Clubhouse app or even interacting with people in general.

🙏 Be Respectful

This is one of the most important aspects to be kept in mind. Clubhouse is a place where people from across the globe, following different ideologies/opinions come together. Therefore, you must respect others while speaking.

Never abuse, use casteist or racist slur or be disrespectful to anyone.

🤗 Be Welcoming

If you are a moderator or a speaker, welcome people to come up to the stage and speak. People new to the platform have this ‘party hat’ badge with their picture, and it remains for a week.

You should be particularly welcoming to new users as they are unaware of the etiquettes or the generally accepted norms of a room.

Also, now and then, provide a context of what is the room is all about and the discussion at hand so that those new to the room can quickly catch up.

⚖️ Everyone is Equally Important

Everyone on the stage or the listeners is equally important, and preferential treatment of all sorts should be avoided. Even when there are celebrities as speakers, everyone should be given a fair share of time to express their ideas and contribute to the topic at hand.

Furthermore, never get too excited when a celebrity joins a conversation as it sort of ruins the flow of conversation. Keep things conversation natural to make the most out of this amazing app and learn.

☝️ Learn to Listen

Much like how you view (content) more and post less on any social network, Clubhouse is about listening more than speaking. The guidelines for any club on Clubhouse advocate equal speaking opportunities for all.

Some people tend to speak at length without letting others join the conversation which goes against the basic idea behind Clubhouse. If you are moderating a room, the task lies upon you to ensure that things are in order.

Now that we have discussed the etiquettes, you should keep these in mind while attending or hosting a room the next time.