Wireless charging is going to be standard on iPhone devices going forward. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X from 2017 had wireless charging, and the iPhone XS supports wireless charging too.

The wireless charging on iPhone XS has improved in a significant way than the last year’s iPhone devices. Apple is expected to launch some new wireless charging accessories as well this year.

How fast does iPhone XS charge wirelessly?

Rumor has it that Apple will be replacing the Ferrite Polymer Composite (FPC) from the charging coil on iPhone XS with copper wire. The copper coil will allow more efficient and faster wireless charging.

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The iPhone XS could support up to 15W wireless charging. However, there aren’t many charging accessories available on the market that support wireless charging up to 15W, and that’s where Apple’s upcoming AirPower charger comes into the equation.

AirPower has been pending launch for over a year. Apple announced the AirPower wireless charging station at the iPhone X launch, but the devices never made it to the stores.

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We hope Apple launches AirPower alongside the iPhone XS this year so users could make the most out their new iPhone XS.