The iPhone XS and XS Max feature an extra antenna for Cat 16 Gigabit LTE which significantly improves 4G performance on both the devices. But that doesn’t mean the new iPhones are immune to poor connectivity issues.

Many users over at Reddit are complaining about poor 4G/LTE connectivity on their iPhone XS and XS Max. Users are also having trouble making while on LTE.

Until Apple does something to fix the problem, below are some tips to temporarily give the affected users some relief from iPhone XS and XS Max LTE problems.

  • Set 4G/LTE to “Data Only”

    If you’re having trouble making calls while on LTE, consider setting LTE to “Data Only.” Go to Settings » Cellular Data » Cellular Data Options » Enable 4G/LTE » select “Data Only.”

  • Restart your iPhone XS

    Restarting iPhone almost always fixes any kind of network connectivity issues. Go ahead and Switch Off/On your iPhone XS to fix the 4G/LTE issues.

  • Contact Apple or your Carrier

    If the problem persists, you should contact Apple or your Carrier. iPhone XS and XS Max are designed to improve LTE performance, but if it’s instead giving poor performance to you, you should report this.