Apple introduced the Places album in the Photos app in iOS 10 which displays your photos on a map. You can use the map to zoom in and out to discover pictures based on the locations you have visited.

This might sound cool but it’s just a gimmick when you use it, and the chances you’d probably want the Places album to be removed from the Photos app. It’s very unuseful stuff.

Unfortunately, Apple has made it impossible to remove Places album on iPhone and iPad devices. If you go to Albums section on your iPhone, the People & Places album is located right below the shared album. You can interact with these albums, but there’s no way to delete or turn them off.

You would be wrong if you thought Apple would give the option to remove Places album in the upcoming iOS 12 update. The iOS 12 Beta releases don’t have this option and it’s very likely won’t be an option when iOS 12 officially comes out.