Facebook’s birthday reminders service is one of the most appreciated features of the platform. Even the non-active Facebook users tend to use its birthday reminder service every then and now. But what if we told you, there’s a new service on the block which can import birthdays of your Facebook friends and send you reminders via email.

The Birthdays Reminder web app by Sasha Koss works independently of Facebook. All you need to do is provide the Birthdays event link from your Facebook account to the web app, and it will automatically import your Facebook friends birthdays to send reminders via email.

  1. Open birthdays.email website

    Open the birthdays.email site on your web browser and hit the Get started button.

  2. Sign up with your email address

    Sign up with email address on which you’d like to receive the birthday reminders.

  3. Verify your email

    Open you email inbox, and look for an email with subject Sign in to Birthdays Reminder. Open the mail and click on the sign in link to complete email verification.

  4. Setup your account info

    Enter your Name and Birthdate, then hit the Continue button.

  5. Setup birthdays reminders time

    Select the time and timezone when you want to receive birthdays reminders from the service.

  6. Get Birthdays event link from Facebook

    Open the Facebook events page in a web browser. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the “You can add your events to Microsoft…” text on the right panel of the page. Right-click on the Birthdays link and copy it.

    Now return to the birthdays reminder site » paste the link you copied from Facebook in the Birthdays link address field and click Continue.

  7. Import birthdays from Facebook

    Once the tool obtains birth dates of all friends from your Facebook account, hit the Import birthdays button.

  8. Add birthdays manually

    For your friends and family members who are not on Facebook, you might want to add their birthdays manually to the email reminder list. Click on the Add birthday button and fill in the Name and birthdate of the person you’d like to add.

We hope you find this guide helpful.