Videos have become an indispensable medium for storytelling. And we're not talking about content creation. Even at work, video creation has become a part of the job description for many people, be it HR onboarding new employees, the training team creating instruction material, or an engineer creating briefing videos for a client. For most of these people, video creation was not something they set out to do and might be something they dread even now.

Vids is a new tool from Google specifically for this scenario. With the power of AI at its back, Google wants to bring a new work tool to the mix of collaborative tools like Docs, Slides, and Sheets that have dominated the workspace till now. Google unveiled the app at their Google Cloud Next customer conference in Las Vegas.

Let's make something clear. Vids is not a tool for creatives who want to make beautiful, or even average, movies. It is strictly a tool for work, meant to aid people in tackling the sort of videos they need to make at work (sales pitches, onboarding videos, etc.) more easily. To get a better idea, it's more like an app you'd get if you converted Google Slides into a video creation app. Vids will be available as part of the Google Workspace productivity suite upon launch.

With Vids, you will be able to convert the content you already have, like in your Drive, images, or marketing copy, into videos. You can start with a template or provide prompts to Gemini and have the AI assistant create the initial video draft for you.

Source: Google Cloud

Like a video tool, you can then rearrange parts of the video, add transitions, select styles and templates, add voice-overs and scripts, and even add your own recorded videos. Like other Google Workspace tools, you'll also be able to collaborate in real-time in the browser.

Source: Google

Google Vids is currently in testing, with plans to bring it in beta in the Summer to users with the Gemini for Google Workspace subscriptions.