Arc Browser has a different approach to browsing, which it implements, in part, with Auto-archiving tabs. If you're familiar with the Arc Browser, you know that it controls the chaos on your browser by closing certain tabs after a period of time (12 hours, by default).

But there are tabs that you know you want to go back to. If your browser kept closing those, it would be declaring war. Arc Browser knows better than that. That's where Favorites and Pinned Tabs come in.

How Do Pinned Tabs Work in Arc Browser
Understand how pinned tabs work in Arc Browser so you can efficiently use this feature.

How Do Favorites Work?

Favorites in Arc Browser are like pinned tabs that the browser does not auto-archive, but these tabs are available across all your Spaces. These tabs are shown only as icons and are available at the very top of the sidebar, above your Space titles, and just below the URL bar. They can include various types of pages, such as email pages, calendars, streaming platforms, task management apps, and more. You can have up to 12 Favorites in total.


Favorites, like Pinned apps, work by acting similarly to an app as well as a bookmark. When you favorite a website, you stay confined to that domain when visiting anything. You can visit any subpages on that website. But if you click on an external link, it opens in a Peek instead of navigating outside of the domain of your Favorite tab. Peeks are detached windows that open on top of Pinned tabs or Favorites where you can quickly preview another website.

If you want, you can expand the peek, which will open it in a separate tab, or close it and return it to your pinned tab.

Arc Browser also uses the URL from the website that you originally favorited as the homepage for the tab (much like a bookmark).

For some websites, you can even hover over the icon in the sidebar to view information instead of having to open the tab. For example, if you have Google Calendar as a Favorite, you can simply hover over its icon and get information about upcoming events and even hop on any upcoming meetings straight from the little preview window. You'll need to give Arc access to your Google Calendar for it, though.

Favorite a Tab

To Favorite a Tab in Arc Browser, follow one of these methods:

  1. Drag and drop a tab above the Space title in the sidebar.
  1. Use the Cmd + T keyboard shortcut, type 'Favorite tab' and press 'Enter' on the associated action.
  1. Alternatively, right-click on the tab, then navigate to Move To > Favorites from the context menu.

Un-Favorite a Tab

To un-favorite a tab, follow one of these methods:

  1. Drag and drop a tab from the Favorites section to either the Pinned tabs or the Unpinned tabs section.
  1. Press Cmd + T, type 'Move to' and press 'Enter' on the desired 'Move to [Sidebar section]'.
  1. Right-click on the tab and navigate to Move To > [Sidebar section]. For example, to move it to pinned tabs, go to [Space Name] > Pinned and to move it to unpinned tabs, go to [Space name] > Today.

Utilizing the Favorites feature in Arc Browser enables you to keep essential pages at your fingertips. By marking pages as favorites, you can ensure that your most important pages are always a click away, enhancing productivity and simplifying navigation within the browser, no matter which Space you're in.