Clubhouse is one of the latest entrants in the top social networking platforms list. It has gained tremendous popularity in the last couple of months, with people from all walks of life signing up on the app. There are various entrepreneurs and celebrities on Clubhouse sharing ideas and tips which might help listeners in the long run.

Like other similar platforms, Clubhouse too is about connections. Clubhouse allows users to follow each other and notifies users if their followers host or schedule a room. You can also check which room your followers are a part of at the moment. It helps you find rooms that might be aligned with your interests for you to share ideas.

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To make great connections on Clubhouse, you have to be honest and straightforward. Never be intimidated by others or act overexcited if a celebrity joins your room. Clubhouse app is a place where everyone is given equal consideration and your status outside of the platform is of little relevance here.

Do keep the above things in mind before you start making connections on the app. Let’s see how you can meet people at Clubhouse.

Meeting People on Clubhouse

There are many ways in which you can find people with similar interests, ideological inclination, or in the same profession as you. The connections you build on Clubhouse can help you in multiple ways, both personally and professionally.

Find Connections in Rooms

Rooms are a great way of meeting people on Clubhouse. Join a room with a title you can easily relate to or something you are interested in. You will see a bunch of people in the room, categorized into three sections, namely, speakers, followed by speakers, and listeners.

The first section, i.e. speakers, shows the people who are talking in the room. If you find their views interesting or can connect to them on any level, tap on their profile photo and then follow them.

The ‘Followed by Speakers’ section is the group of people who may have a perspective similar to the speakers, so you can connect with them as well.

Listeners can be anyone, therefore, check their bio and then follow them if you feel intrigued. Furthermore, if they have their Twitter and Instagram accounts linked, do check those to know more about the person.

Find Similar People

Another feature of Clubhouse you can use to find people similar to a particular user is ‘PEOPLE TO FOLLOW’. This feature is beneficial for those wanting to meet people they can easily connect with and interact with. To find people similar to a user, go to that user’s profile and tap on the ‘Star’ symbol, next to the user’s profile photo.

It now lists similar profiles under the user’s follower and the following count. You can follow them directly from this section, or open their profile and then follow the person. You can also swipe left to see more similar profiles.

Meeting People though Clubs

Clubs are a great way of meeting new people in Clubhouse. There are several clubs on the platform that you can follow or be a member of. You can also start your club, however, it has to be approved by Clubhouse first and this may take some time. Until then, follow other clubs and see the people in those clubs.

Moreover, whenever a room is hosted on a club you follow or are a member of, you will receive a notification for the same. You can also check the members of a club on the club page and connect with them.

Exploring Various Topics to Meet People

You can explore conversations and topics across Clubhouse to meet people. You get to learn a lot when you connect to people based on interests and professionally and not just for fun. To explore the various conversations happening on Clubhouse, tap on the ‘Search’ icon at the top-left corner of the Hallway or Lobby, app-specific terms for the main screen of Clubhouse.

Select a conversation that intrigues you or interests you from the list. There are several options over here that cover almost everything.

On the next page, you can see people interested in this conversation at the top of the page and connect with them. You will find various topics under the ‘Topics to Explore’ subheading, just below the interested people section.

Moreover, you can find related clubs at the last. You can similarly explore other conversations and topics to meet people.

Link Twitter and Instagram Accounts

Linking your Twitter and Instagram accounts to Clubhouse not just enhances your credibility and reach but also helps you meet people. When you link your accounts, Clubhouse will offer recommendations based on your contacts on Twitter and Instagram.

If you are new to Clubhouse, use the tips mentioned above to meet people and make long-lasting connections.