Clubhouse is all about interacting, learning, and sharing ideas. To interact with others, you have to create a room or join one already in progress.

There are various options and icons in a room that might confuse a new user. In this article, we see various of these and explain them in the simplest possible language. We will be discussing the options as they appear from the top.

All Rooms

This option at the top takes you back to the Clubhouse Hallway, where you can see the other rooms in progress. When you tap on this option, you don’t leave the group, rather it’s simply minimized and can be accessed from the bottom.

Community Guidelines

This is the icon with the document symbol right before your profile photo. When you tap on it, the community guidelines page of Clubhouse will open. Moreover, you can check the principles, various roles of the moderator, speaker and listener, and other similar stuff.


Tap on the profile photo or your initials at the top-right corner to open your profile. You can make edits to your bio or change the profile picture while in a room.

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Club and Room Title

Just above the profiles of the speakers, you have the room title and a club name, in case one is associated with the room. However, it is not necessary to add a host club, therefore, you may not see the name of the club in many rooms.


This ellipsis is the three dots right next to the room title. When you tap on it, you will find the option to report a recent speaker and to search people in the room.

The search option is beneficial when a room has a large number of participants and all cannot be displayed at once. Therefore, instead of scrolling and looking for them, you can simply use the search feature.

If you find someone violating the guidelines of Clubhouse, you can go for the ‘Report a Recent Speaker‘ option.

Stage for Speakers

This is the first group of people visible to everyone in the room, and they are the speakers. The members of the room listen to them while they speak. You may also see some of them with a green badge right before their name, these are the moderators or the organizers of the room. They have complete control over the room and bring people to the stage.

Followed by the Speakers

Under the stage, there is the ‘Followed by the Speakers’ section for those who are followed by the speaker. If you are a speaker or moderator, it helps you identify if any of your followers are in the room. In case you are a listener, you may want to follow people similar to the speaker, and this is the section where you will find them.

Others in the Room

This is the last section with people who are not followed by the speakers and are just listening to the interaction in the room.

Going to Another User’s Profile

You can easily open anyone else’s profile by tapping on their profile photo in the room. This will open a small window in the bottom half with their basic profile. If you want to view their complete profile, tap on ‘View full profile’ at the bottom. Once you have opened their full profile, you will be able to see their complete bio, links to their Twitter and Instagram profile if they have added it, who nominated them to Clubhouse, and the clubs they are a member of.

Raise Hand

When you are in the listener’s section, you may want to join the speakers and share your thoughts on the subject. You cannot simply go to the stage but will have to tap on the ‘Raise Hand’ icon at the bottom-right corner. This will send a notification to the moderators who have the authority to let you on the stage.

Mute and Unmute Your Microphone

This option is only available to the speakers, as your microphone is muted by default if you are in the listener’s section. Tap on the microphone at the bottom-right to mute and unmute it. The mute and unmute option and is positioned exactly where the ‘Raise Hand’ option was.

Ping Someone into the Room

To invite someone to the room, you will have to click on the ‘+’ sign right next to the ‘raise hand’ or ‘microphone’ sign based on whether you are a listener or speaker.

Leave Quietly

The ‘Leave Quietly’ option is there at the bottom of the screen. You can quietly leave the room without anyone being notified when you tap on it.

Now that we have discussed all the options you will see in a room, and how rooms work, you will be a lot more comfortable the next time you are in one.