StandBy Mode in iOS 17 is a great way to use your iPhone to get information at a glance when it's charging. StandBy kicks into action when your iPhone is charging on its side and stationary. You can display widgets, photos, or a clock on your iPhone's screen.

But did you know that when you use your iPhone with a MagSafe charger instead of any other charger, the StandBy Mode goes the extra mile? With any other charger, the StandBy Mode will display whichever view (out of the three) you set last time.

However, when using a MagSafe charger, StandBy will remember which view you preferred the last time you charged your iPhone in this place. So, you could have the charger in your living room display the photos while the one on your nightstand can display the clock.

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How do you set a preferred view for a charger? There's not much to it, really. Simply place your iPhone on the MagSafe charger and wait for StandBy to kick in. Then, swipe left or right to navigate to the view you want to use with that charger, and that's it. Your iPhone will remember it for that specific MagSafe charger going forward until you change it.

So, how can your iPhone know which standby view to display? The answer lies in the MagSafe charger itself. MagSafe chargers are equipped with a small NFC (near-field communication) tag that sends a signal to your iPhone when it's placed on the charger. This signal contains information about the charger, including its unique identifier.

Equipped with this information, it can know if you have a preferred standby view for that specific MagSafe charger and display it. Otherwise, it will display whichever view you used last time.

So, there you go. If you have different MagSafe chargers that you use in different places, you now know that you can have preferred views for these chargers. Or, if you were wondering why StandBy shows a different view for your MagSafe charger than your regular charger, well, there's your solved mystery.