Microsoft Teams is enjoying a spot amongst one of the most popular Workstream Collaboration apps right now. When the Workstream Collaboration apps first arrived on the scene a few years back, they were deemed the future of all workplace communication by a majority of organizations projected to shift by 2021. Who would have thought that the future will be here a year earlier than it was supposed to?

Although unpleasant circumstances were responsible for ushering in this recent shift, if one were intent on finding a silver lining, it could be found. In this case, it’s the discovery by the masses of everything that apps like Microsoft Teams have to offer. Users even started voicing their demands on what features they would love to see in the app and the developers began delivering the features most sought after.

One such highly coveted feature coming soon to Microsoft Teams are Templates. Here’s what is known about this upcoming feature as announced in the Build 2020 conference.

What are Teams Templates?

The creation of teams in Microsoft Teams is one of the distinct features of the app, something that sets it apart from the rest of the bunch. Templates are going to complement this incomparable feature.

Users will soon be able to use templates when creating new teams. As the name suggests, these will consist of pre-defined outlines for most common team types so getting started will be quick. Users will be able to choose from templates for common teams like Event Management, or Crisis Response teams, or industry-specific templates for hospitals, banks, or retail stores.

All templates will have pre-defined channels, tabs, and relevant apps depending on the purpose of the team. Templates will be completely customizable so you will be able to rename the Team, Channels, and Tabs while retaining the general structure.

Using the Event Management Team Template

One of the best things about Templates is that organizations will be able to create their own templates too. So the IT admin for your organization can add templates specific to your organization, thus helping organizations define a team structure that they would like their employees to adhere to. Templates created by their organizations would appear towards the top of the list for end users creating a team.

After the creation of the team using a template, users will also receive guidance on how to use all the features of the team and further customize it too, so that they can make the most out of it.

When will Teams Templates release?

Microsoft has just announced the feature at the Build 2020 conference to give a preview of what the users can expect in the coming months. As for the exact release date for the feature, there is none yet. There is only a tentative timeline that the feature will roll out in the next few months.

Teams Templates is going to be a great help to the users, highly reducing the time it takes to set up a new team. Templates will cover most common industries and business scenarios so they will be relevant to all users. Additionally, organizations can also create their own Templates.

Learn more about this upcoming feature on the official announcement page from Microsoft.