Cisco Webex Meetings not only lets you to host virtual meetings with your co-workers but allows you to share your screen or files as well. Since it is integrated with Outlook, generally people love to quickly schedule Webex meetings from Microsoft Outlook itself, as it is pretty much easier. In case you don’t have Microsoft Outlook, still you can schedule a meeting from the Webex Web app.

Schedule a Meeting on Webex

In a web browser, go to and sign in to your Webex account.

After logging into your account, click the ‘Schedule’ button located on the home screen (below your name).

Configure Meeting Topic and Password

From the ‘Schedule a Meeting’ page, you can begin configuring the meeting settings. Set a ‘Meeting topic’ and ‘Meeting password’ in the respective fields.

Webex may auto-generate a secure meeting password for your scheduled meeting. You can change it to your liking, or reset it by clicking the ‘Reset’ button on the far end of the password field.

Configure Date and Time to Schedule the Meeting

After setting the meeting topic and password, click on the ‘Date and time’ to open the Date picker menu. Set the Date, Time, and Duration for the meeting from the pop-up menu and click ‘Done’ at last to save your changes.

If you need to change the Time Zone as well, click on the ‘UTC – 11:00..’ zone option located right below the Date and Time options and set an appropriate time zone for the meeting.

Schedule a Recurring Meeting

If you need to schedule a recurrent meeting, then click ‘Recurrence’ check box located just below the Time Zone option. (Just skip this section if you are scheduling a one time meeting)

Here, you need to configure the recurring frequency and interval for the meeting. First, click ‘Recurrence pattern’ to select the frequency of your meeting from the list of options.

Once you have selected a frequency of meeting, you need to choose the recurring interval. In this example, we have set the meeting interval every two weeks on Friday. Likewise, you can choose any range based on your need. Do remember that the settings will vary based on the interval. For example, if you have selected the frequency as ‘Monthly’, then you will see a screen with different options than the one explained here.

Finally, you have to decide the end date forthe recurring meetings. If you wish to set a specific end date, then click on ‘Ending’check box titled and select the date from the date picker menu. Or you can click ‘After’ checkbox and enter the number of recurring meetings, if you don’t wish to set specific end date. If you don’t select either of these options, it is set to ‘No end date’ by default.

Add Meeting Attendees

In the field box next to ‘Attendees’, type the email addresses of the people you would like to invite to the meeting. You can use a comma to enter multiple addresses.

Using Advanced Scheduling Options

Before scheduling the meeting, let’s check out the advanced scheduling options offered by Webex.

Click on ‘Show advanced options’ located just above the ‘Schedule’ button.

Add Meeting Agenda

If you need to add agenda for the meeting, click on the text ‘Agenda’.

After clicking Agenda, type the meeting agenda (list of things that will be discussed) in the provided box. Providing an agenda will help the participants to understand on what’s the meeting is about.

Configure Scheduling Options

After setting an Agenda, click on ‘Scheduling Options’ to configure other settings one by one.

If you require your participants to have a Webex account in order to join the meeting, then click the check box ‘Require account’. If you click the checkbox ‘Exclude password’, meeting password will not be sent along with the invite and you need to send that separately.

Configure Joining Time for Attendees

By default, the participants/attendees can join the meeting 5 minutes before the host. To change this value, use the drop-down menu next to ‘Join before host’ option and set a different value.

Configure Email Reminder

By default, a reminder email is sent to all the participants, 15 minutes before the start of the meeting. If you want to change that, click ‘Email reminder’ and select a different value.

Finalize the Scheduled Meeting

Once you’ve configured the meeting entirely, it’s time to finalize the meeting. To do that, click the ‘Schedule’ button at the bottom of the page.

After finalizing the meeting, you will be redirected to a new screen which shows the details of the meeting you have just created.

Whether you need to schedule a one-time meeting or a recurring one, you can easily do that using the Webex website.