There are different roles available in a Zoom meeting. It is that of a host, co-host, alternative hosts, or participants. Each has its unique privileges and importance. A host is the only one in charge of the meeting and schedules it. He can even withdraw from a session and re-join, easily assigning host controls to another user.

A co-host is a participant that gets the role of administrator during a meeting, by the host. They share responsibilities of hosting an online session or webinar. A co-host shares most of the controls that a host has, such as managing attendees. But a co-host cannot start a meeting.

This is a stepwise guide for understanding how to nominate a co-host in Zoom. If you are a licensed host, you need to follow the steps here to assign co-hosting privilege to yourself, a group, or your organization.

Who is a Co-host?

While conducting a meeting a host assigns the role of an administrator to a co-host. They share most of the controls like managing attendees, sharing the screen, start or end recording, and mute members. The only difference is that a co-host cannot start a meeting. Furthermore, there is no limit in the number of co-hosts that can you can add to a Zoom meeting.

To be able to enable the co-host feature in Zoom, you need to be either a licensed user or have admin privileges within your organization’s Zoom account.

Enable Co-Host in Zoom

As a licensed user or an admin within an organization, you’ve got the ability to enable the co-host feature either only for yourself or for members within your account/organization.

To enable co-host in your account only, first, go to and login with your credentials. Then, click on the ‘Settings’ link under ‘Personal’ heading on the left panel. This will open the ‘Meeting’ settings screen on the right side.

Click on Settings

From the ‘Meetings’ tab, scroll down until you find the ‘Co-host’ option under ‘In Meeting (Basic)’ section. Then slide it to toggle on the service.

Appointing co-hosting rights to self

To enable co-host for all members in your organization, login to your Zoom account through a web browser, and then under the ‘Admin’ section on the left panel, click on the ‘Account Management’ option to expand the menu. After that, click on the ‘Account Settings’ link.

Account settings

From the ‘Meetings’ tab, scroll down until you find the ‘Co-host’ option. Then slide the toggle switch to enable the service for all members within your organization.

Assign Co-hosting rights to your organization

How to Add a Co-Host in a Zoom Meeting

There are two ways of adding a co-host in a Zoom meeting. One is to make someone co-host directly from their video feed, or from the ‘Participants’ panel.

Note: You can only make someone co-host in an ongoing Zoom meeting.

To make someone co-host in a Zoom meeting, open the participants panel by clicking the ‘Participants’ option at the bottom of the Zoom meeting control bar.

How to open participants window in Zoom

From the ‘Participants’ list, hover over to the name of the attendee whom you want to make a co-host and click the ‘More’ button next to their name. Then, select the ‘Make Co-Host’ option to share host-controls with another user.

Make a co-host

When prompted, click on the ‘Yes’ button to confirm the changes and make an attendee your co-host for the duration of the meeting.

Confirm changes

Optionally, you could also make someone co-host from their video feed. Switch to ‘Gallery View’ in an ongoing meeting by clicking the ‘View’ option from the top right corner. If the meeting has many participants, scroll to the left or right to view more video feeds.

Change the view

From the ‘Gallery View’, click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the user who you want to make co-host. Then, select the option that says ‘Make Co-Host’.

Make co-host during live session

If you only wanted to make someone co-host temporarily, you can withdraw their co-hosting privileges pretty easily. First, click on the ‘Participants’ icon in the controls bar at the bottom of the Zoom meeting window. This will open the ‘Participants’ panel on the right side of the screen.

Access participant menu

From the ‘Participants’ list, hover over the co-host name and click the ‘More’ button.

Click on more button and withdraw permission

Then, select the ‘Withdraw Co-Host Permission’ option to remove the participant’s co-host privilege in the meeting.

It is a simple process to add someone as a co-host in a Zoom meeting. One who can help you with an ongoing session with too many attendees. Or in case you have to excuse yourself from the meeting due to unforeseen reasons.