Have you ever been in a position where you weren’t able to express your emotions in words and knew of a video that would perfectly convey your emotion? This is common suffering we all go through at some point while writing. So, how about adding that video to Microsoft Word.

We all know that Microsoft Word has some of the most amazing features a user could ask for. Although we are not aware of them all, but we do get to find them when the need arises, just like you are about to find out how to add a YouTube video to a Microsoft Word document.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform, the most popular of its kind, and has videos on almost all subjects. The best part is that you can add them to Word. Also, if you run a YouTube channel, you could promote it by adding one of your videos to the document.

The process of adding a video to Microsoft Word consists of two parts, copying the embed code from YouTube and adding the video to Word.

Copying the Video Embed Code from YouTube

First, go to youtube.com and search for the video that you want to add. Once you have found the video, open it and click on the ‘Share’ icon right under it.

In the ‘Share’ box, you will find the options to share the video on multiple platforms. To get the embed code, click on the ‘Embed’ option, the one at the top-left corner of the box.

You can now select and copy the embed code from this screen. Also, you have the option to start playing the video at anywhere from the middle. To do that, tick the checkbox before ‘Start’ and then enter the time from which you want the video to start on Microsoft Word.

You now have the embed code and the only part left is to add it to Word, which is fairly simple.

Adding the Video to Microsoft Word

Open the Word document and place the cursor where you want to add the video. Next, select the ‘Insert’ tab from the top ribbon.

In the ‘Insert’ tab, click on ‘Online Video’ under the ‘Media’ section.

The ‘Insert Video’ box will now open where you will find the ‘From a Video Ember Code’ option. Click on the text box next to the option.

Now, paste the video embed code that you earlier copied from YouTube and click on the ‘Insert’ icon at the right.

The video is now added to Microsoft Word. You can change the display size by dragging the handlebars in either direction. Also, you can explore the various layout settings by selecting the ‘Layout Options’ at the top-right corner of the video.

To play the video, just click on it and the player will open. You will find it very similar to the player on YouTube. Next, click on the ‘Play’ icon in the center.

The video now starts playing and you will find here all the options that are there on YouTube, so it navigating your way through wouldn’t be a task since you must be oriented with YouTube.

Adding a YouTube video to Word isn’t as intricate and time-consuming as it sounds and you can easily add one within a minute or two. Also, the video quality remains unaffected, so you need not worry about the aesthetics and appeal.