We all use Microsoft Word for creating documents for our academics, personal or professional work. Therefore, we always try to ensure that the contents written in the document are error-free. In doing so, it is always recommended to install Grammarly add-in for Microsoft Word to create an error-free document.

Grammarly is a powerful, easy-to-use, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), and one of the most popular tools for correcting grammatical mistakes. Grammarly is available for free but with limited features such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, and conciseness checking. On the other hand, its premium version offers more features such as tone adjustments, detecting plagiarism, fluency check, and many more.

Installing Grammarly Add-in for Microsoft Word

To add Grammarly to Microsoft Word, open grammarly.com/office-addin in a web browser and click on the ‘Get the add-in’ button on the page.

Clicking on the button will open the downloading page and the Grammarly add-on will automatically begin downloading to your PC.

Click on the downloaded file, then it will open a ‘Welcome to Grammarly’ screen. Click on ‘Get Started’ to proceed.

After, clicking on Get Started, tick on the checkbox ‘Grammarly for Word’ and then click on Install.

The Grammarly will begin installing automatically. After successful installation, click on the ‘Finish’ button.

Using Grammarly in Microsoft Word

After installing Grammarly add-in, open Microsoft Word on your computer. You should see the ‘Grammarly’ option on the Menu bar, and also an ‘Open Grammarly’ option under the Home tab (next to Find and Replace controls).

Clicking on the Grammarly add-in will open the Grammarly tab in Word. Here, you can find all the controls to improve the grammar in your Word document.

Any error in the document will be highlighted by red color, and the correction will be displayed on the right side of Microsoft Word.

Now that you’ve the Grammarly add-in in Microsoft Word, you can be rest assured that you can write grammatical error-free letters and documents.