Do you always have a sticky note or more on your walls and desk to remind you of important things? I mean, who doesn’t. Sticky notes are great, you gotta love ’em. But have you also always wanted to have them on your iPhone? I know I have! And with the Home screen widgets in iOS 14, you can have them.

You can add the notes from your phone as a widget, and they pretty much feel like sticky notes. But somehow they’re not very satisfying to look at, especially if you have a theme going on your iPhone. They can mess up the aesthetics of your screen pretty badly. But don’t worry! You don’t have to choose between either sticking to those plain-Jane notes or not having any notes on your screen at all.

Memowidgets is a third-party app that lets you create beautiful memos with photos that you can then add as a widget to your iPhone home screen. Isn’t it great? Let’s dive right in and see how to do it.

How to Add Photo Memos to your Home Screen

To get sticky notes like memo widgets on your iPhone, install the Memowidget app from the App Store. Either search for ‘Memowidget’ in the app store or click here to get to the app listing on the App Store quickly.

Then, open the app to create a memo. Tap on the ‘New memo’ button on the lower right corner of the screen.

You can add a Title to the memo (just like the Notes app) and the text underneath it. To add a photo to the memo, tap on the ‘Photo’ icon. Every time you create a new memo, the app generates a random solid color as the header. If you don’t select another photo, this color also becomes the background of the widget.

You can select a photo from your album, choose one of the backgrounds given in the app, or select a photo from Unsplash. There are also some options for solid color or patterns in the app that you can choose.

Tap on the photo you want to use as background. An editor screen will open where you can adjust the part of the photo you wish to use in the square. Tap ‘Done’ after you are satisfied with it.

Tap on ‘Done’ after finishing the memo or it won’t be saved.

Now, to add it to your Home screen, tap and hold an app icon, widget, or any place on your wallpaper to enter the jiggle mode and tap the ‘Add widget’ button (+ icon) on the upper left corner of the screen.

Widget gallery will open. Find and tap the option for ‘Widgetmemo’ in the gallery.

Select the size of the memo you want to add to your screen and tap on ‘Add Widget’. You can select a small, medium, or large-sized widget.

Your most recent memo from the app will be displayed on the screen. To select another memo, either tap the widget while it’s still jiggling. Or if it’s not, tap and hold it and select ‘Edit Widget’ from the quick actions menu.

The menu to edit the widget will open. You can also edit the text on the memo like change its horizontal and vertical alignment, size, and color. To select another memo, tap on the ‘Choose’ option next to the ‘Choose memo’ label.

The list of your memos in the Memowidget app will open. Tap the one you want on your Home screen to select it.

Widgets are a great way to get your information on the go, but when you can combine functionality with aesthetics, what greater joy could there be? And Memowidget does exactly that! Now you can have as many pretty sticky notes on your screen as you want.