iOS 14

iOS 14 Siri Shortcuts Automations

How to Enable or Disable an Automation on iPhone in iOS 14

Deleting an automation you no longer want to run is not the only option.

Automation iPhone

🤦‍♂️ Most iOS 14 Automations don’t work until you ‘Run’ them

This completely defeats the purpose of having an automation

iPhone calendar widget

Best Calendar Widgets for iPhone [iOS 14]

Apps for all types of calendar widgets

iPhone Widgets Home Screen

How to Make Widgets in iOS 14 on your iPhone

The ultimate guide to creating custom widgets for your iPhone home screen

How to Mark All Messages as Read in iOS 14

It’s very similar to iOS 13, but be wary of this little catch in iOS 14


How to Silence Junk Callers in iOS 14 on your Verizon iPhone

Verizon users now have automatic robocall protection in iOS 14

Widgetsmith Photo Widget

5 Best Photo Widgets for your iPhone running iOS 14

Apps for all your photo widget needs

Automation iPhone

How to Create an Automation in iOS 14

Make your life better by automating your iPhone

Calendar and Alarm

Where is the ‘Up Next’ and Alarm Widget in iOS 14

The fate of these popular widgets is not good in iOS 14

Wake Up

How to Setup Sleep and Wake Up Schedule on iPhone running iOS 14

Use your iPhone to improve your sleeping habits


FIX: Face ID Not Working on iPhone after iOS 14 Update

Everything you can do to fix the issue

Back Tap Mute Ads

How to Mute Ads with Back Tap in iOS 14

Quickly mute those annoying ads with a few taps

Delete Automation Shortcuts iPhone

How to Delete an Automation in Shortcuts app in iPhone

Get rid of an automation you no longer want on your iPhone

Siri iOS 14

How to Disable Siri Full-Screen Mode on iPhone running iOS 14

Get the new and improved compact UI for Siri

iPhone iOS 14 widget

Can you Hide Widget Label / Name in iOS 14 on iPhone?

No, you can’t, plain and simple.

Memo Widget

How to Add Notes with Photos in a Widget using MemoWidget on your iPhone [iOS 14]

The power of the notes widget combined with pretty photos!

Icon Themer

How to Use Icon Themer iCloud Shortcut to Make App Icons that Launch Directly in iOS 14

Now you can super power your aesthetic with real custom app icons

Widgetsmith app

FIX: Widgetsmith Not Working, Not Opening, or Showing a Gray Widget on iOS 14

Don’t let these issues keep you from the iPhone Home screen of your dreams


How to Make App Shortcuts Load Faster in iOS 14

Because it’s awfully impractical otherwise

Motivation Widget iPhone

How to Add a Motivation Widget in iOS 14 on your iPhone

Stay motivated with just a glance of your Home Screen

Widgetsmith app iPhone

How to Use Widget Smith on your iPhone running iOS 14

A complete guide to know your way around the app

Siri Talk iPhone Charging

How to Make Siri Talk in iOS 14 When your iPhone is Plugged In

Siri will say anything you want when you plug-in your charger

Aesthetic Home Screen iPhone iOS 14

How to Create an Aesthetic Home Screen in iOS 14 with Custom App Icons and Photo Widgets

Your iPhone will never be the same again!

Widgetsmith Photo Widget

How to Add a Photo Widget in iOS 14 using Widgetsmith on iPhone and iPad

Complete your home screen aesthetics with a photo widget