The Photos app on iPhone has come a long way. It’s no longer just a gallery of all the photos on our phones. It goes above and beyond to make those photos special for us. If you’ve ever checked out the For You tab of the Photos app, you know what we’re talking about.

iPhone curates your photos into video montages called memories after recognizing people, places, and events in your library. The montages the Photos app creates are often beautiful. It decides on its own which photos or videos to include in the memory. So, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy them, or share them if you happen to like them so much.

But what if you don’t like a particular photo in the memory? Or, perhaps you like a photo a little bit too much, but to your dismay, it’s not a part of the memory. That’s not a problem. You can easily add or remove photos from a memory.

Adding a Photo

Adding photos to a memory can be a little tricky. We know that the Photos app curates photos and makes memories on its own after recognizing places, events, or people in your library. Say you went on a trip and naturally took a lot of photos. iPhone will curate a memory based on the event and include some highlight photos or videos in it. You can add more photos to it.

But when you do go on to add photos to it, there’s no guarantee that the particular photo you want to add will be available. It doesn’t include the complete roster of photos or videos (if there are a lot) in this reservoir. The additional photos available to add are still curated by the Photos app. The only way to know if it’s available is by trying to add a photo and looking for it.

Go to the ‘For You’ tab from the bottom of the screen.

Then, tap the memory you want to edit. If it’s not visible right away, tap ‘See All’ to open the complete list and find the memory there.

The memory will open and start playing on full screen without any options present. Tap on the screen once to bring up the various tools and options available. Tap the ‘More’ button in the upper-right corner.

Then, tap ‘Manage Photos’ from the menu that appears.

All the photos or videos available for that memory will appear. The ones already in the memory will have a blue tick in the lower-right corner of the thumbnail. Select the ones you want to add and tap ‘Done’.

If there are any photos or videos you really wanted to be a part of the memory but they weren’t available in the curated selection, you can create a memory yourself. You can choose your own photos and videos and let the Photos app do the work of putting them together. You don’t have to manually arrange them in the video montage.

Removing a Photo

Let’s face it. More often than not, the Photos app will end up including at least one photo that we really hate in the memory. The good thing is, it doesn’t have to ruin the entire thing. You can easily remove it from the memory. Removing it from the memory doesn’t delete it from your library. There are multiple ways you can remove a photo from the memory. When you remove a photo from the memory, you can add it back at any time using the steps above.

Use the ‘Manage Photos’ option

Open the memory and tap it to bring up options on the screen. Then, go to the ‘More’ button (three-dot menu) from the upper-right corner.

Tap ‘Manage Photos’ from the menu.

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The photos available for the memory will open. The ones already part of the montage will have a blue tick on them. Tap the photo you want to delete to deselect it. Then, tap ‘Done’.

This method is useful to add and delete multiple photos at once.

Hide a Photo While Viewing the Memory

You can also delete a photo from the memory while viewing the memory. When you come across the photo you really hate while you’re watching the memory, deleting it right then is the best choice. Tap the memory to bring up options on the screen.

Then, tap the ‘Pause’ button at the bottom of the screen so the memory pauses on the photo you want to delete. The option is only available when you pause the memory.

Tap ‘More’ from the upper-right corner of the screen and select ‘Hide from Memory’ from the menu.

Use the Browse Option

Sometimes, the memory makes a collage of sorts for some photos, i.e., shows multiple photos at once on the screen. Now, you want to delete one of the photos from these. The above option to hide the photo from the memory when viewing it goes out the window. In that case, tap the ‘Browse’ option in the lower-right corner of the screen instead.

When you tap Browse, the memory will continue to play in the background if you didn’t pause it while all the photos in the memory will be available to browse through on your screen.

Tap and hold the photo you want to delete.

A few options would appear. Tap ‘Hide from Memory’ to delete it from the memory.

Even though the Photos app curates memories for you, it still gives you a lot of control over them. In addition to adding or deleting photos, you can also edit the title, subtitle, length, music, look and more to make them more personal.