If your routine or work involves significant virtual meet, and remotely connecting to the people spread out to various geographic locations. You definitely understand how critical of a component a webcam is.

However, there can be scenarios where at the moment of truth, your webcam refuses to turn on, or on the flip side, you are somebody who never uses the webcam on your computer and you have an important virtual meeting coming up or you wish to talk with you near and dear ones. Both the cases require that you first test the webcam to either identify the issue in the former situation or completely eradicate the possibility of a problem.

Moreover, testing the webcam is as plain sailing as it gets on a Windows 11 PC.

Test Webcam on Windows 11 from the Settings App

The first and foremost method to test your webcam is through the Settings app on your Windows 11 PC. It is fast, efficient, and as plain sailing, as it gets.

First, head to the Start Menu and click on the ‘Settings’ tile present under the ‘Pinned apps’ section to proceed. Otherwise, type Settings in the menu to perform a search for it.

After that, click on the ‘Bluetooth & devices’ tab present on the left sidebar of the Settings window to proceed.

Next, on the right section of the window, scroll down to locate and click on the ‘Camera’ tile to continue.

After that, on the ‘Camera’ settings window, click on the camera option present right under the ‘Connected Camera’ tile to proceed.

In case your camera has been disabled, click on the ‘Enable’ button present at the far right edge of the tile to enable the device.

As the next screen loads, your webcam will be turned on and you should be able to see the preview in the topmost section of the page.

You can also adjust image settings for the webcam using the sliders for each aspect of the image and tweak it to your liking.

In case you are here because the camera was not working in a certain app, and is now working completely fine on the ‘Settings’ page. From the ‘Camera settings’ page scroll down to locate and click on the ‘Camera Privacy Settings’ tile present under the ‘Related settings’ section to continue.

On the next screen, locate the ‘Camera access’ tile and make sure the toggle present on the far right edge of the tile is in the ‘On’ position. If it is not, click on it to do so.

Next, scroll down the list of apps to locate the specific app that you are facing any issues. Once located, make sure the individual toggle switch present on the app tile is turned on. In case it is not, click on the toggle switch to do so.

Note: If you are using video-conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Skype, Discord, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or any other platform via their web interface, make sure you have whitelisted the browser you use to access the camera.

There you go folks, if you were just looking for a way to test your webcam this guide should definitely help you. However, if you are still facing any issues with your webcam, do not hesitate to read our dedicated article on solving the issue.