Course Hero, the online learning platform, is a perfect study aid for many college students. With its vast repository of learning resources and tutor help, it has helped many students on their way to becoming college graduates.

You, too, might have bought a Course Hero subscription to help with your studies. Maybe you realized that it isn’t the right fit for you. Or maybe your course is over and you don’t need its help anymore. Whatever may be the case, the crux of the matter is that you need to cancel your Course Hero subscription. Here’s everything you need to know.

Can you Cancel the Subscription at any Time?

Canceling a Course Hero subscription is pretty straightforward. Course Hero subscriptions are recurring, so there’s no such thing as a one-time charge. According to the plan you subscribed to – monthly/ quarterly, or annually – your plan automatically renews at the end of each period.

So, if you enrolled for a monthly plan, Course Hero would automatically charge the credit card on the account at the end of the current month for the next month. And the same goes for the quarterly or annual plan.

You can cancel your subscription at any time before the next recurring charge. So, if you bought an annual subscription, you can cancel at any time before the current subscription period is over to avoid charges for the next year. Your account would revert to a Basic (free) account at the end of the subscription period, but you will have all benefits of your premium membership until then.

Canceling the subscription just ensures that you won’t be charged for the next period. It doesn’t refund any recent or new recurring charges.

Cancellations generally take up to 7 business days to take effect, so it’s good practice to cancel in advance before your next billing period. Any debts or fees remaining on your part must also be paid before canceling for it to take effect.

Does Course Hero offer a Refund?

There’s a chance that you forgot to cancel your subscription at the end of the current period. Now, you have been charged for the next period even when you don’t plan on using it. Naturally, you’re wondering if you can get a refund.

Course Hero does offer a refund for new renewals if you haven’t used any of your unlocks or questions. Additionally, you shouldn’t have violated Course Hero’s Terms of Use. Refund queries are processed within 1 business day.

The simplest way to see if you qualify for a refund is to contact the Course Hero team and request a refund by filling the customer support form.

What is the Better Grades Guarantee?

Course Hero also offers a refund under their Better Grades Guarantee. Under this guarantee, you can ask for a refund for your Course Hero premier subscription already used. If you don’t earn a higher GPA in the term you were using Course Hero as compared to the previous term in which you weren’t using the platform, you can qualify for a refund.

There are certain conditions, though. You must ask for a refund within 6 months of registering as a paying subscriber for Course Hero. In this time period, you should also have used Course Hero by unlocking at least 6 study resources or asking 3 tutor questions.

Course Hero might also require you to verify your grades by submitting a copy of your transcripts from the most recent terms.

How to Cancel the Subscription?

Even though the availability of Course Hero on different platforms is one of its most attractive features, it doesn’t apply when it comes to canceling a subscription. You can only cancel the subscription the same way you bought it: from the Course Hero website, iTunes, or Google Play Store. You cannot cancel the subscription from your iOS device if you upgraded from the browser.

Canceling Subscription from the Web

For users who subscribed through the Course Hero website, go to from your browser and log in to your account.

Then, hover over your profile icon in the top-right corner and go to ‘Account Settings’ from the menu.

Click the ‘Stop Recurring Membership’ button and follow the steps on the screen to cancel your subscription.

Canceling Course Hero Subscription from an iOS Device

If you upgraded your account from the Course Hero iOS app, you can only cancel the subscription from your iTunes account. You can cancel it from any iOS device your iPhone or iPad, regardless of which device you upgraded from. The only caveat is that you should be logged into the same Apple ID you used to buy the subscription from.

You can cancel the subscription from either Settings or the App Store.

Open the App Store and tap your Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Then, tap the option for ‘Subscriptions’.

To access it from the Settings app, tap your Apple ID name card at the top.

Then, go to ‘Subscriptions’.

The list of all your subscriptions, current and past, will open. From the subscriptions, tap the option for ‘Course Hero’. Then, tap ‘Cancel subscription’ to cancel your Course Hero premier subscription and revert to a Basic account.

Canceling the Subscription from an Android Device

Similarly, if you upgraded your account from the Android app, you can only cancel the subscription from the Play Store. Open the Play Store and log in to the Google account that you used to buy the subscription.

Then, tap your Profile corner in the top-right corner of the screen.

A menu would open. Go to ‘Payments and subscriptions’ from the menu.

Further, go to ‘Subscriptions’.

From the list of subscriptions that open, go to ‘Course Hero’ and open it. Then, tap ‘Cancel Subscription’. A confirmation message will appear. Tap ‘Cancel’ to confirm.

Canceling the Course Hero subscription will revert you to a Basic account. It won’t delete your account from Course Hero. Even if you want to delete your account from the platform, you cannot do so until you cancel your subscription if you’re a premier member.

Additionally, deleting your account from Course Hero doesn’t remove the documents you upload to Course Hero. To remove the documents, you’ll have to contact the Course Hero team.