Virtual Background is one of the most loved features in the video conferencing ecosystem. Every video conference app that didn’t have it rushed to get it. Now, Cisco Webex has joined the long list of apps bringing the support for Virtual Background and Background Blur to their app after extensive rallying by its users.

The Webex’ iPhone and iPad apps have had the virtual background feature for quite some time, and now users can use it on the desktop client for Webex meetings on Windows and Mac computers too.

Update the Webex Desktop App to Get Virtual Background Feature

You must update the Webex Desktop client to the latest available version to be able to use the virtual background features in Webex Meetings.

  • On Windows: You need Webex version 40.7 or above.
  • On macOS: You need Webex version 40.6 or above.

To update Webex to the latest version, click on the ‘Settings’ gear icon on the right side of the title bar and select the ‘Check for Updates’ option from the menu.

Even after updating the Webex desktop app, it might take a few days for the virtual background feature to show on your client as it has only begun to roll out and will take some time to reach the full availability stage.

Additionally, your system must also meet the specified requirements. For a Mac, it must have macOS High Sierra (version 10.13) or later. It should also have a processor with more than two cores.

For a Windows system, your computer must be a 2012 or a later Windows 10 system with an Intel Sandy Bridge or AMD Bulldozer processor or later.

How to Change Background in Webex Meetings

You can change your background both before joining a meeting or during.

To set a virtual background in Webex before joining a meeting, click on the ‘Change Background’ button on the preview screen that you see before hitting the Start/ Join Meeting button. The change background option is only available in the preview screen when your camera is on.

Then, select one of the preset images from the drop-down box to change your background to a virtual background in Webex. You can also choose to ‘Blur’ your background from the same menu. The first time you choose any of the options, the virtual downloads would first download. Once the download is complete, you can use the background.

You can also select an image from your computer and use it as the background. Click on the ‘+’ button and select the image from your comouter.

To change your background during a Webex meeting, go to your self-view window and click on the ‘Menu’ icon (three vertical dots). Then, select ‘Change Virtual Background’ from the menu that appears.

The camera settings window will open. Choose from the options to either blur your background or replace it with a preset image. Or select an image from your computer. Then click ‘Apply’ when you’re ready, and people in the meeting will see your video with the changes.

Cisco Webex will also remember your choice for future meetings, so you don’t have to go through the process every time. Now, you can attend meetings on Webex without caring about there being anything too embarrassing or distracting in your background and focus solely on the matters at hand.