Cisco WebEx

Video Meetings

How to Join a Webex Meeting from a Browser

There’s no need to download the desktop app for a quick meeting. The web app is just as convenient to use!

Name tag

How to Change your Name in a Webex Meeting

Change your name according to the meeting you’re going to attend


Webex Polling: How to Create Polls in a Webex Meeting

A complete guide to conducting polls in Webex meetings.

Video Call

How to Change Video Settings on Webex

Everything you need to have a seamless “video” meeting

Webex Removal Tool

How to Download and Use Webex Removal Tool

This is the tool you need when you want to perform a clean uninstall the Webex app

Waiting line

How to Use Waiting Room in Webex

Have waiting rooms in your meetings to keep them secure and free of nuisance

Schedule Webex Meeting

How to Set up a Webex Meeting in Outlook with a Microsoft Office 365 Account

Schedule Webex meetings from your Outlook Calendar

Video Call Recording

Where Does Webex Save Recordings?

Clear any confusion surrounding your Webex meeting recordings

Webex Private Chat

Can Host (Teachers) See Private Messages on Webex?

The short answer is: No, they don’t.


How to Disable Private Chat in a Webex Meeting

No more gossiping in the class!

File download

How to Download Webex Recordings

Everything you need to know about downloading a Webex recording

Audio Player

How to View ARF Files using Webex Network Recording Player

Know everything about viewing Webex’s ARF files

Webex Player

How to View WRF Files using Webex Recording Player

Everything you need to know about viewing Webex’s WRF file

Webex Mic

FIX: Webex Microphone Not Working Problem

Don’t turn your meeting into a silent film, use these fixes and get your microphone working!

Webex Tips and Tricks

9 Webex Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

Become a Pro Webex user with these tips at your disposal

Video Calling

FIX: Camera not Working in Webex

Don’t deprive others of seeing your pretty face in meetings. Try these fixes to get your camera working

Raise Hand

How to Raise Hand in Webex

Signal your doubts without disturbing the whole meeting

Man Partying and Listening Music with Headphones

How to Use Webex Music Mode

For those virtual concerts, parties, or music lessons


How to Download Webex App for Chromebook

Yes it does, and there are quite a number of ways to use it

Video Call Conferencing Laptop

Use Webaround Green Screen to Get a Perfect Virtual Background in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex

No more glitching, or turning your head into the background itself with the Webaround green screen


How to Cancel a Meeting in Webex

Cancel any scheduled meetings to keep everyone informed

Webex Captions

How to Enable Webex Closed Captioning

Closed Captions in Cisco Webex is unlike any other app

Mic Check

How to Test Microphone and Camera in Webex

Test your camera and microphone to avoid mishaps during meetings.

Video Call Conferencing Laptop

How to Blur Background in Webex on Desktop

Cisco Webex users can now blur their backgrounds from the desktop client too